Ruslan grapes: frost-resistant and high-yielding

Ruslan grapes: frost-resistant and high-yielding

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Even a novice gardener can cope with the cultivation of grapes Ruslan. The variety grows well in the central zone of Russia and is not afraid of sub-zero temperatures.

Selection history

Ruslan grapes were obtained from crossing varieties Gift Zaporozhye (Podarok Zaporozhyu) and Kuban (Kuban). Differs in high productivity. It takes root well in the middle zone of the Russian Federation, in Siberia and the Urals. The first tests of the variety were conducted in Belarus.

Grade characteristics

Ruslan grapes are characterized by high fecundity: even sleeping buds and stepsons can “shoot”. On the shoots, 3 inflorescences are formed. Vine ripening is complete, over the entire length of growth. The variety is frost-resistant and can withstand temperatures up to -23 ˚C.

Biological features

Grapes form strong bushes. He does not like abundant moisture and is not prone to decay. Well perceives top dressing and stocks. Resistant to powdery and downy mildew, wasps and gray rot. Susceptibility to phylloxera has not yet been established.

Technical specifications

A bunch of medium density, weighing about 700 grams. The flowers are bisexual, so pollination occurs without problems. The berries are oval, weighing about 19 grams. No irrigation.

Ruslan grapes: features of the variety

Advantages and disadvantages

The variety is characterized by high fruiting and excellent crop quality. The clusters are stored for a long time and can remain on the bush until fully ripened. The berries of Ruslan grapes are considered very useful, since they contain a large number of trace elements and vitamins. They are used in the treatment of oncology, anemia, kidney disease. Besides, periodic consumption of berries in food improves metabolism in the body. Not only berries, but also grape leaves are edible.

Ruslan grapes are suitable for industrial and amateur cultivation and are very easy to propagate due to good rooting.

Among the disadvantages of the variety, it is worth noting the presence of seeds in the fruit, which reduces the taste of the latter, as well as the tendency of the berries to crack under high humidity of air and soil.

Landing and care

The best time for planting Ruslan grapes is May. For this variety, any place on the site is suitable, and the planting itself is very simple.

  • First, they dig a hole 80x80x80 cm in size and pour nutrients into it: humus, fertile soil, mineral fertilizers.
  • Then, in the central part of the pit, a seedling is established, its roots are straightened and covered with soil.
  • The soil around the bush is watered with two buckets of water.
  • The topsoil is loosened to a depth of 5 cm.
  • After that, two more irrigation is carried out with an interval of 14 days. At the end of the last watering, the soil is mulched.

If the soil is sandy, the depth of the pit should be 105 cm. To prevent nutrients from leaving the soil, a “castle” is formed at the bottom of the hole from a 15-cm layer of clay. The depth of grape planting should be 60 cm. Watering is carried out three times, at intervals of 8 days, at the rate of 3 buckets of water for each bush.

Immediately after planting, a support is installed near the plant, which can be used as reinforcement, mesh or a taut rope.

It is very important to properly prepare the vine for winter: free from bunches and cover.

Vine formation

The vine needs pruning for six eyes. Normally, there should be 35 shoots on the bush. Prune the vine regularly: so she will have a well-groomed appearance and give a good harvest. In addition, seedlings should not be allowed to germinate. If there are dried fruits on the vine, they are cut and destroyed.

Gardeners reviews

Russian gardeners consider Ruslan grapes an excellent variety due to its early ripening - already on the 110th day after planting. Good fruiting of the variety and excellent taste of berries are also noted. Of the pluses, the bisexuality of flowers is also distinguished, which greatly simplifies the pollination of the plant.

How to plant grapes

The Ruslan grape variety is popular with amateur winegrowers, and is also actively used for industrial cultivation. Its relevance is due to qualities such as high resistance to frost and fungal diseases, good transportability and excellent taste qualities of berries.