Pear "Starkrimson": the rules of cultivation and harvesting

Pear "Starkrimson": the rules of cultivation and harvesting

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Pear "Starkrimson" is known to many gardeners under the name "Red Favorite." The variety description declares early ripening of the crop, as well as the plant's resistance to many diseases and a high, very stable yield.

Pear "Starkrimson" bred by American breeders and is a red clone of the famous and popular cultivar "Favorite Klappa". It was used as the parent form in the cultivation of this variety, which led to the resulting red-fruited pear.

Characterization and description of the variety

Pear "Starkrimson" forms a tall tree. Crohn is branchy, pyramidal, well leafy. Winter hardiness is relatively good. Resistance to scab lesion is above average.

The forest plant enters fruiting on a stock in the form of a pear in the seventh year, and when using quince stock in the fifth year after planting in a permanent place. Productivity is growing slowly enough. The maximum productivity phase occurs in the tenth year of the plant's life. A pear of the Starkrimson variety blooms in mid-late periods. Needs planting pollinating plants. Fruiting of adult plants is regular and plentiful.

Large-sized fruits, weighing 185-285 g, pear-shaped, covered with yellow skin with a blurry, maroon blush. At the stage of full maturity, the color of the fruit is red. The pulp is white, juicy, melting, sour-sweet. The variety is characterized by the external attractiveness of the fruit. The standard shelf life of the harvest does not exceed a month.

How to grow a pear in the middle lane

Care technology

Pear varieties "Starkrimson" belongs to the category of unpretentious, but responsive to high agricultural technology fruit crops. When cultivating it, the following recommendations should be considered:

  • for fruit stands, the most illuminated, flat and dry areas, located at a distance of 3 m from fences or buildings, are optimally suited;
  • standard indicators of the depth of the landing pits are 1-1.2 m, and the diameter should be at the level of 60-80 cm;
  • in a landing pit, you need to fill a couple of buckets of humus from manure and a couple of buckets of coarse sand with the addition of mineral fertilizers;
  • when planting a tree, the border of the stock and scion should be located at or slightly above the ground;
  • pruning of pear plantations should be carried out in the early spring, before the onset of the phase of awakening of the buds;

  • the norm of irrigation of adult plants is at least 20-30 liters of water for each square meter of garden plantings;
  • after each watering, as well as heavy natural rainfall, it is recommended to carry out a shallow, but thorough loosening of the soil in the trunk circles.

Sufficiently high plant productivity implies timely fertilizer application. It is best to alternate organic and mineral dressing of fruit trees.

Thus, the main measures for the care of pear plantations include loosening and mulching the soil in near-stem circles, systematic top dressing with potash, phosphorus and nitrogen fertilizers, moderate irrigation, sanitary and formative pruning of pears, as well as combating fruit tree diseases and dangerous plant parasites.

Harvesting and storage

Pear "Starkrimson" refers to the category of varieties of summer ripening. Harvesting is carried out in late July, at the stage of yellowing of the fruit, about a week before full ripening. The removal of fruits must begin with the lower branches, gradually advancing to the crown of the plant.

To ripen the pears should be located in a cool and well-ventilated area. The fruits are well preserved when placed in dry and clean oak sawdust. Pears of this variety have average indicators of transportability.

How to plant a pear

Gardeners reviews

The advantages of the Starkrimson pear include good winter hardiness of the plant, as well as the attractiveness and high palatability of the collected fruits. When cultivating this variety in the conditions of home gardening, it is necessary to take into account vigorous growth and the late entry of the plant into fruiting. The minuses of the variety are considered to be a short storage of the crop, as well as the tendency of the fruit to shed.

According to most gardeners, the fruits of the Starkrimson pear are very similar to the well-known variety Klappa’s favorite. Experienced summer residents recommend planting varieties "Bere", "Williams", "Dessert" and "Tauride" as pollinators for this pear.