Potato varieties "Borodyansky pink": characteristics and characteristics of agricultural technology

Potato varieties "Borodyansky pink": characteristics and characteristics of agricultural technology

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Early ripe potatoes "Borodyansky pink" zoned in the territory of the East Siberian, Far Eastern and some other regions in 1994. The variety compares favorably with a high level of adaptation to adverse weather conditions and can be successfully cultivated in risky farming areas.

Description of economic characteristics

Potatoes of the Borodyansky pink variety form erect, low, very compact bushes. Corollas of flowers possess red-violet coloring. Flowering is very plentiful, but short-lived. Root crops are rounded, slightly uneven, with small eyes, covered with a smooth pink skin. The color of the potato pulp varies from cream to yellow. The starch content is 14-19%. The standard mass of marketable root vegetables is not less than 90-140 g.

The variety belongs to early ripening, from germination to technical maturity about 70-75 days pass. The taste and marketability are very good, this potato is a table. The description of the variety and its characteristics, given by the originator, guarantee the plant's resistance to cancer.

Features of agricultural technology

Seed potatoes must be carefully sorted, all spoiled and suspicious tubers removed, and then planting material for germination and gardening placed in a bright and warm room. To increase the germination rate and accelerate the appearance of sprouts, it is recommended to spray tubers with growth stimulants, as well as preventive treatment against diseases and pests.

It is advisable to plant potatoes of this variety no later than the second decade of May. It is very important that the soil is optimally moist and have good air permeability. The standard distance between plants is approximately 30-35 cm. The row spacing should be at least 70 cm, which will allow to carry out all plant care activities without problems.

When planting, it is advisable to introduce humus and wood ash into the furrows. With proper pre-planting processing and observing planting technology, as well as optimal temperature and humidity indicators, friendly mass potato shoots appear in about ten days.

Variety "Borodyansky pink" belongs to the category of unpretentious planting and cultivation, but responsive to the implementation of competent, timely care. It is necessary to start potato planting care no later than a week after planting, which will provide the best conditions for the growth and development of a vegetable crop.

Leaving should begin with harrowing the potato plot, as well as its high-quality weeding. In the event of severe and prolonged drought, it is very important to carry out irrigation measures. After the completion of irrigation and drying of the upper soil layer, loosening of potato plantings is mandatory.

Reviews of gardeners

According to gardeners, plants of this variety have insufficient resistance to viral diseases, scab and macrosporiosis, but the use of preventive spraying reduces the risk of damage to almost zero. It is very important to etch against late blight before planting. If the tubers are not properly prepared for storage, the tubers are affected by rot. The total yield of this variety is not lower than 18-45 kg from every ten square meters of potato plantings. To obtain early vegetable products in the southern regions, potato growers are planted no later than April 10.

How to grow potatoes

Potato "Borodyansky pink" refers to varieties that are loved by many gardeners for the unsurpassed quality of tubers and the excellent taste of pulp. Reviews about this species are very good. Consumers consider Borodyansky pink one of the most delicious potato varieties.