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Strawberry Kama: characteristics and description of the fragrant variety

Strawberry Kama: characteristics and description of the fragrant variety

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Strawberry Kama, the description of the variety of which is presented below, was especially fond of summer residents. It ripens early, has a sweet taste and amazing strawberry aroma.

Variety Characteristics

The Kama strawberry variety is notable for the fact that the berry grows in compact bushes. The berries have a classic shape - conical and round-rhombic with a pronounced neck, and the color is bright red, as in the photo. The main feature of Kama strawberries is the location of powerful peduncles under the leaves, thanks to which the fruits are always covered and protected from birds.

This strawberry has a small weight - an average of 20-40 g. However, at the first harvest, the mass of some fruits can reach 60-70 g. With the subsequent ripening of berries, their size gradually decreases. At the same time, the seeds of the berries are always shallow, which is clearly visible in the photo.

The flowering of Kama strawberries begins very early, the fruiting period can reach 4-5 weeks. When planting it in a greenhouse, the first crop can already be harvested in mid-April. If the berry grows in open ground, then it will begin to bear fruit by the end of May.

This variety is appreciated for increased productivity: with proper care, you can collect up to 1 kg of berries from each bush. It is very important to fertilize plants during the fruiting period. Once a week, a solution based on rotted mullein is introduced into the soil. He is cooking on his own. In 10 l of water, 500 ml of mullein is diluted. However, if it is noticed that the bushes begin to weaken during the fruiting period, then additionally you need to make fertilizers with potassium, namely:

  • sulfates;
  • wood ash;
  • saltpeter.

Strawberries: variety selection

Kama variety value

What is the value of the Kama strawberry variety for summer residents? If you read the reviews, it will become clear that such strawberries are preferred for the following reasons:

  1. The variety is not only very early, but also perfectly resists most fungal diseases, as well as gray rot.
  2. This garden strawberry is not too whimsical, it provides basic care and does not require increased attention from summer residents.
  3. Strawberry Kama is great for canning and freezing, after heat treatment it does not lose its taste and shape.
  4. There are no voids in the middle of the fruits, and their consistency has a good density, which allows you to successfully transport the berry over long distances.
  5. Strawberry Kama perfectly tolerates heat (which, however, does not cancel the frequent watering and regular loosening of the soil).
  6. Strawberries are perfectly preserved in the winter.

Reproduction and planting

Strawberries Kama propagated in the usual way - with the help of antennae. It is better to take them from those bushes that are grown on the garden the first year. The fact is that such a mustache gives a higher yield. In addition, they take root much more quickly.

Fertilizing is best during soil loosening. For this type of strawberry, it is very important that all the nutritional components go directly into the depths of the earth. Kama does not use dry manure to feed strawberries. You can not use nitrogen fertilizer. All this can provoke a hotbed of fungal diseases and lead to the death of plants.

It is also important to timely remove weeds from the beds and ensure that the bushes are not in the shade for a long time. After all, this variety grows best in abundance of sunlight. Be sure to cut old leaves from each bush. Then they will not take power from the plants, which will positively affect their fruiting.

Before starting planting seedlings, they should be kept in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 10 minutes. After this, the plants are rinsed in clean water. Planting seedlings is necessary in the holes, which should be deep and wide. It is required that the entire root of the plant is easily located under the ground. Around the seedling is not recommended to tamp the soil too much. It is very important for this variety that a sufficient amount of oxygen is supplied to the roots.

Do not plant Kama strawberry bushes in the same place for more than 3 years. Then it will be possible to get a stably high yield.

This strawberry grows best on weakly acidic and neutral soils. Acidic soils are not suitable for such a berry. If they are present in your area, then before planting strawberries you will need to add lime to the soil. With its help, it will be possible to reduce the acidity of the soil.

Variety disadvantages

Before you give preference to strawberry Kama, you need to learn not only about all its advantages, but also the disadvantages.

The main disadvantage of this variety is its increased vulnerability to spotting. Therefore, it is so important to monitor the condition of the leaves of plants and, if you suspect a similar disease, immediately use fungicides.

In addition, this variety is not very resistant to strawberry mites. It is imperative to take preventive measures against such an ailment.

Despite the fact that strawberry Kama is frost-resistant, you need to protect it from morning frost. For this, the plants are covered with a film, agrofibre or other thin material. Then you can be sure that the yield of the berry will not decrease, and the fruits will be large.

How to plant strawberries

Great taste, excellent consumer qualities and undemanding conditions are the key advantages of Kama strawberry, which is perfect for both commercial and amateur cultivation.