A popular variety of strawberries "Aromas"

A popular variety of strawberries "Aromas"

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Strawberry "Aromas", or Aromas Strawberry, refers to the varieties of a neutral day and average ripening yield. Description of the variety assumes good resistance to adverse external factors and very high productivity indicators of berry plantings.

Description and varietal characteristics

Varietal feature of strawberry "Aromas" is the formation of large berries, the average weight of which exceeds 25 g. Ripe pulp of dense consistency, pronounced red. The surface of the berry with a characteristic sheen. The shape of the marketable berry is regular, elongated and conical. The taste of ripe berries is harmonious, with a pleasant and light strawberry aroma. Grade rating by tasters and consumers is high.

Bushes are powerful, but compact in structure. According to the originator and the opinion of many gardeners, the variety Aromas Strawberry is characterized by the presence of a wide range of resistance.

This highly productive strawberry variety of foreign selection has received a sufficient demand in home gardening, which is due to the excellent ratio of taste and excellent marketable appearance. In addition, summer residents are attracted by abundant and long-term productivity. Aromas Strawberry belongs to the mid-season variety.

How to plant strawberries

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Strawberry “Aromas” is famous for its taste among all mid-season varieties from foreign selection. In addition, the fruiting of Aromas Strawberry begins in late May and continues until significant frosts, sometimes until the berry is covered with first snow. Unpretentiousness and resistance to external adverse conditions make the variety very popular in home gardening.

Excellent berry formation is observed even in a hot and arid period. Mass urination begins after a decrease in temperature and occurs around the middle of the last summer month. Aromas Strawberry berries are very attractive in appearance, sweet, with a delicate aroma. As a rule, the size of the berry is large or medium. The harvest is resistant to various mechanical damage, therefore, it has excellent transportability.

In addition, Aromas strawberries have excellent resistance to the most dangerous diseases of berry crops, including powdery mildew and anthracnosis, and are tolerant to viral infections. TsThe variety Aromas Strawberry also has good fruiting in the late summer and autumn, and the harvested berries of the second harvest not only have a very sweet taste, but are also great for freezing in the winter.

Watering and dressing requirements

Good yield of garden strawberries directly depends on compliance with growing technology. The main components of proper agricultural technology after planting strawberries in a permanent place are the correct watering and top dressing. To get an environmentally friendly crop, organic fertilizers in the form of mullein, slurry, humus, compost or bird droppings should be preferred. Water for irrigation should be warmed up during the day in the sun.

Strawberries called "Aromas" are responsive to watering and top dressing, the proper conduct of which contributes to a significant increase in overall yield:

  • to fertilize the plot for growing strawberries, 3-4 kg of humus should be introduced into the soil, about 30-35 g of superphosphate and 0.5 l of wood ash;
  • the first feeding is carried out on a young leaf by means of dry chicken droppings, diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10 and infused for two days;
  • the second feeding is carried out at the stage of extension of the peduncles using 20 g of ammonium nitrate diluted in 10 l of water;
  • the last harvest involves the removal of old leaves and treatment with the most effective chemicals to protect against viral and fungal diseases.

Top dressing of berry plants must be accompanied by high-quality irrigation measures. Watering should be radical, with minimal moisture on strawberry leaves.

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the varietal characteristics of Borovitskaya strawberries.

Gardeners reviews

Garden strawberry "Aromas" of American selection is a very popular type of VAT, or neutral daylight, in most regions. Aromas Strawberry is a very hardy and plastic foreign variety with good resistance to spotting. Berries are formed in large sizes, especially when grown as a greenhouse crop.

The pulp of a fully ripe berry has a high sugar content, which makes the taste very rich and pleasant. According to most gardeners, the yield and transportability of ripe Aromas Strawberry is very high. The average yield from each berry bush, subject to agricultural technology, reaches 1.5-1.8 kg or more.

Strawberries: the secrets of growing

Insufficient moisture can adversely affect crop quality. According to the observations of experienced gardeners, the berries in this case become smaller and quickly lose their special, high, taste. Therefore, strawberry bushes are recommended to be watered about two to three times a week. In most regions of our country, the variety is suitable for growing without the use of shelter for the winter period.