Instructions for the use of the Dual Gold herbicide and consumption rates

Instructions for the use of the Dual Gold herbicide and consumption rates

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"Dual Gold" is a preparation that is applied before the emergence of cultivated plants to the surface. It fights well against dandelion, birch, sow-thistle, boletus, wheatgrass and many other common weeds. The herbicide "Dual Gold", applied according to the instructions, remains on the foliage for a long time, quickly penetrates the weeds and immediately starts working.

Composition and release form of the drug

Dual Gold is the savior of cultivated plants from most weeds in the early stages of development. High efficiency is due to the presence in its composition of a mixture of four optical and geometric isomers of C-metolachlor.

The drug goes on sale in the form of a highly concentrated emulsion, unpacked in plastic canisters of various displacement.

Benefits of the tool

Pre-emergence "Dual Gold" allows you to get rid of most monocotyledonous and some dicotyledonous weeds and has a number of advantages over analogues:

  • it is used for spraying many types of crops;
  • equally effective in the treatment of crops before and after germination;
  • economical to use;
  • effectively protects crops during the germination period, when competition for nutrients negatively affects their growth and development;
  • low degree of volatility of the substance ensures high-quality processing;
  • the long period of action guarantees long-term protection and ensures the cleanliness of crops for a period of up to eight weeks, and also prevents the re-growth of weeds;
  • by the end of the growing season, the decomposition of the active substance occurs;
  • phytotoxicity of the drug is not observed even with its overdose.

"Dual Gold" fully copes with the assigned functions and effectively fights against weeds.

The mechanism of action of the herbicide "Dual Gold"

Weed vegetation is especially dangerous for young seedlings. During this period, there is a real struggle between plants for lighting, water and nutrients. If no action is taken, the weeds will be the winners. At the same time, cultivated plants grow stunted and unviable or die completely.

There is no way to do without the use of herbicides, especially when it comes to large areas of crops and manual weeding is physically impossible.

After spraying, the herbicide begins its active action, however, the mechanism of action on dicotyledonous and cereals is different. The absorption of the herbicide by dicotyledonous weeds occurs with the help of the cotyledons. Cereals absorb it through the cleoptile. As a result of penetration, the drug causes a delay in the biosynthesis of fatty acids, lipids and protein. Cell division is impaired. The weed stops growing and then dies.

Instructions for the use of the herbicide

"Dual Gold" is an effective means for reliable protection of cultivated plants from weeds and control over yield. It is used in the cultivation of many crops.

Consumption rates

Consumption rates for each plant species and processing period

Types of cultivated plantsConsumption rate l / ha
Soil tillage before germination
Soy, sugar beet, sunflower1,2-1,6
Spraying the soil before planting seedlings
White cabbage1,6
Spraying on the soil after pruning the main rhizome, but before the emergence of crop shoots

Impact rate and period of protective action

After exposure to the drug, weeds die at the time of germination and appearance on the surface. The applied herbicide reliably protects crops from weeds for eight weeks. However, in the future, problems with weeds also do not arise. The second wave of their growth is excluded, and cultivated plants will be protected until the end of the growing season.

By the end of the growing season, "Dual Gold" is almost completely decomposed. Thanks to this property, there are no restrictions when planning crop rotation and selecting the next crop for sowing.

Working solution preparation rules

Compliance with the consumption rates when preparing a working solution for the treatment of various crops is of great importance. Strict compliance with the recommended standards allows you to defeat weeds and achieve good yields. A weak solution with an insufficient amount of herbicide will significantly impair the spraying results.

To prepare the working solution, the sprayer is not completely filled with water. Then the required amount of the drug is poured in. Mix everything thoroughly, achieving an equal consistency of the solution. Then add water to the required volume and re-mix the solution well.

Poor-quality mixing is fraught with unpleasant consequences: the treatment of the site will be uneven, in places there may be live and healthy weeds.

Safety measures when working with the tool

When working with the drug, protective equipment is used: a respirator, goggles and overalls. Avoid contact with exposed skin. If contact occurs, wash thoroughly with plenty of water and soap.


The drug is prohibited for use in the sanitary zone around stocked reservoirs and has a 24-hour limit on the flight of bees. After processing, it is forbidden to rinse equipment and discharge waste near water bodies.

Compatibility with other drugs

To increase the efficiency of processing, Dual Gold is often combined with herbicides that affect other types of weeds.

Shelf life and storage conditions

"Dual Gold" is stored within the limits of permissible temperatures: from -5 to +35 ° C, using dark rooms. When packed, it does not lose its properties for three years.

Are there any analogues?

If desired, analogs of the Dual herbicide can be used to treat crops. They work in a similar way and are composed of C-metolachlor. These include:

  • Avangard;
  • "Anaconda";
  • Difeline.

The use of "Dual Gold" allows you to effectively grow various crops in large areas, not to be afraid of weeds and achieve good yields.

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