Description of the Royal Mantle tomato variety, its yield and growing rules

Description of the Royal Mantle tomato variety, its yield and growing rules

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Many gardeners are faced with the question of which variety is better to choose for producing large tomatoes. The best solution would be the Royal Mantle tomato. Its large fruits of exquisite taste are quickly eaten fresh, and also participate in mass harvesting for the winter. In addition, this variety is in great demand in the markets, which will contribute to an increase in the family budget.

General description of the variety

Royal Mantle is a mid-season, large-fruited variety intended for cultivation in greenhouses and in the ground without film shelters. The growing season from sowing seeds to harvesting is 100-110 days. Recommended cultivation areas: the central zone of Russia, the Caucasus and Siberia.

Description of the variety:

  • indeterminate bush;
  • plant height in greenhouse conditions - 180 cm, in open ground - 90 cm;
  • medium leafy tomato;
  • medium-sized leaf, light green;
  • one brush forms more than 5 fruits;
  • tomatoes of amicable ripening.

The yield of the vegetable crop is high, one bush gives more than 4 kg of fruit.

It is worth paying attention. A distinctive feature of the variety from other crops is that fruits of the same mass and shape are formed on one brush. Such commercial qualities have a positive effect on the marketing organization of fresh tomatoes.

Detailed characteristics of the fruit

Reviews of many experienced gardeners indicate that the fruits of the Royal Mantle variety are of high enough quality. They are suitable for preparing summer salads, hot meals and winter preparations. Tomatoes are especially popular in the production of natural juice, pasta and tomato sauces.

Fruit characteristics:

  1. Weight. The average weight of massive tomatoes is 400 - 700 grams.
  2. The form. Fruits of a flat-round shape.
  3. Color. The skin of tomatoes is bright raspberry color. The stalk has a green cap that has not seen its sight, which resembles the mantle of kings.
  4. Pulp. The fruits are fleshy, juicy, sugar.
  5. Taste. Tomatoes are endowed with a pleasant dessert aftertaste.

It is also worth noting that the Royal Mantle tomatoes are resistant to cracking, do not deform during transportation and have a long shelf life.

Growing rules

Every gardener knows that growing large-fruited tomatoes requires certain knowledge. This is justified by the fact that with proper agricultural technology, the palatability of the fruits increases. Since the Royal Mantle variety belongs to these vegetables, when growing it, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Sowing of seeds should be carried out 2 months before transplanting the variety to a permanent place of growth. For their germination, it is recommended to observe a temperature regime of 23-25 ​​degrees.
  2. After the specified time has elapsed, the seedlings are planted according to the 40x60 cm scheme, that is, no more than 3 plants per 1 sq. m.
  3. During growth, the bush needs to be pinned, while forming a plant of 1-2 stems.
  4. After 1 week, the tomato must be tied to a support.
  5. During flowering, yield is normalized. For this, no more than 5 brushes are left on each stem.
  6. When the maximum height is reached, when the last fruit cluster is formed at the bush, the plant is pinched from above. In this case, the tomato will stop the growth force, and will direct all the nutrients to the tomatoes, improving their quality.
  7. Timely feeding with nitrogen and mineral fertilizers will contribute to the correct development of plants.
  8. Do not allow the soil to dry out either. In a drought, the flowers will fall off the tomato, and it will stop growing.

As you can see, agricultural technology requires special work, but it's worth it. If these recommendations are followed, it will be possible to get a vegetable that will not only delight the household with its taste, but also bring additional family income on sales.

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