Characteristics and description of the tomato variety New from Transnistria

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety New from Transnistria

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The mid-early tomato "Novelty of Pridnestrovie" was bred a very long time ago, in 1967. But, until now, it has not lost its popularity among people who cultivate this crop on their plots.

What is the view

A detailed description of the variety is a great help for any summer resident, both a beginner and with experience. The information will help you get reliable information that will help you grow a tomato of any variety, taking into account its individual characteristics.


  • Height: 50-80 cm.
  • Bush: determinant.
  • Inflorescence: simple. The first is over 7 sheets.
  • Ripening period: 110-125 days, from the moment of emergence.
  • Number of tomatoes in a brush: 5-6 pcs.


  • Shape: cylindrical.
  • Color: red.
  • Mass: 40-90 gr.
  • Number of cameras: 2 pcs.
  • Density: high.
  • Taste: excellent
  • Transportability: high
  • Shelf life: up to 2 months.

Planting and leaving

The cultivation of "New items of Transnistria" does not have any peculiarities. It is grown by the seedling method. Seeds are planted in prepared and heated soil 55-65 days before planting. Therefore, the timing must be calculated taking into account the weather characteristics of the region. It is best to water the seedlings with warm water.

Before planting in the ground, the plant should be hardened. In order for the plant to easily transfer the transplant and take root in a new place.

The plant needs a garter to support and pinching.The bushes are planted at a distance of 50 cm from each other. For a total of 1 m2 have no more than 3 plants. Watering as needed, loosening and feeding.

A Transnistrian variety is formed in 3-4 stems. Timely implementation of agrotechnical work can affect the volume of the crop, significantly increasing it.

Disease susceptibility

Since the tomato was bred for open ground, it is not exposed to pathogens. Being very hardy and unpretentious.

If the plant suffers from attacks of insect pests, it is treated with drugs that are sold in specialized stores.

Harvest volume and application

Due to the fact that tomatoes ripen at the same time, this species is grown on an industrial scale. It is easier to clean and easy to care for. From 1 m2 get from 8 to 10 kg of tomato. Productivity from one hectare to 900 centners.

The uniform size of the tomatoes makes them as convenient as possible for home canning. Therefore, many summer residents, once faced with this variety, will not exchange it for any other.

Whole fruit canning, preparation of sauces, juices and tomatoes, this is not the whole list of the use of fruits. They also use them fresh.

Tomatoes are used for industrial production of canned food, tomato paste and others.

Positive and negative aspects of the view

A feature of the variety is the presence of a large number of positive properties and the absence of negative ones.


  • The fruits ripen at the same time.
  • The yield is large.
  • Immunity to major diseases.
  • Very well suited for one-off cleaning.
  • The fruits are well stored and can be transported over long distances.
  • Tomatoes do not crack.

The opinion of summer residents regarding the variety

To find more useful information, you should read the reviews. It is in them that you can find tips on how to grow the plant better than fertilize it and how to care for it.

  • Lyudmila Otmakhova. Familiar with tomatoes of this variety since childhood. They were always planted by her mother. Following tradition, she grows them on her site. The characteristic of the variety suits her. Dense and tasty tomatoes are suitable for preparation and preparation of fresh salad. Most of all I like them in pickled form. The skin does not burst when the cans are filled with boiling water. Plants outdoors.
  • Julia Petrushina. I got the seeds because I liked the description. In one season, all the stated characteristics were confirmed. She grew tomatoes in a greenhouse. Because in the Kirov region, most often the fruits do not have time to ripen. Sometimes plants completely died due to late blight infection. But the “Novelty of Pridnestrovie” pleased with its immunity to it. I also liked the fact that the fruits ripened very early.

Due to the presence of positive characteristics, the tomato variety "Novinka Pridnestrovya" firmly entrenched itself in the first positions of the choice of many summer residents.

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