Characteristics and description of the Spiridon tomato variety

Characteristics and description of the Spiridon tomato variety

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Standard tomatoes are ideal for growing by novice vegetable growers, they are unpretentious, do not require constant attention and special care. It is for these qualities that summer residents appreciate the Spiridon tomato bred by Siberian breeders.

Features of tomato

"Spiridon" is an early maturing variety of the determinant type. Begins to bear fruit in 95-100 days from the moment of germination.

Description of the plant:

  • Standard, undersized and compact. It grows no more than 40-50 cm in height.
  • Sprawling bush. The stem is thick and strong. The foliage is small, dark green.
  • The harvest gives back together. The yield is average.
  • One of the advantages of the variety is its amazing frost resistance. The tomato continues to develop and bear fruit normally even at low temperatures.
  • Another advantage is resistance to most tomato diseases.

Fruit characteristics:

  • The shape is flat-round, ribbing is poorly expressed.
  • Fruit weight is from 50 to 100 grams, rare specimens reach 200 grams.
  • The pulp is dense, juicy, fleshy.
  • At the stage of full maturity, it is bright red.
  • They have a rich tomato flavor.
  • At high humidity, soils can crack.

"Spiridonovskie" tomatoes are intended for fresh consumption and in salads. But the reviews of summer residents indicate that they are quite suitable for canning.


The Spiridon tomato variety is recommended for growing in open ground, and seedless cultivation is also possible.

  • Sowing seeds for seedlings is carried out 55-60 days before planting in the ground.
  • The sprouts do not stretch and do not need additional lighting.
  • In the phase of the first two true leaves, the seedlings must be dived.
  • You should start hardening the seedlings a week before planting in the ground.
  • It is important not to overgrow the seedlings. If the seedlings are not planted on time, the plants begin to thin out, and the flowers from the first brushes will fall off. All this will lead to a decrease in yield. Therefore, it is advisable to plant the planting no later than the formation of the first brush.
  • For Spiridon's permanent residence, it is best to choose a bright place, protected from drafts.
  • The unpretentious nature of the plant allows it to develop well in thickened plantings. Therefore, 1 sq. m can accommodate up to 6 bushes.
  • Due to their compactness and short stature, the bushes do not need to be formed or tied to a support.
  • In the future, it is enough to provide tomatoes with standard care: regularly water, weed and loosen, as well as periodically feed with complex fertilizers.

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Reviews of Siberian gardeners about Spiridon agree on one thing: “An extremely unpretentious tomato. It grows well and bears fruit even in our harsh climate. "



I live and grow tomatoes in Krasnoyarsk. I have never met such a stable tomato. Our, already short summer, this year did not indulge in warmth at all. "Spiridon" bravely endured all the cold and rain.


I have been planting this variety for many years. Begins to bear fruit early and the yield is always excellent. But I never noticed cracking and it lies well.


Last summer I grew Spiridon tomatoes. Most of all I liked that there was no need to pinch, although I did remove the lower leaves.