Instructions for using the Tanrek remedy for the Colorado potato beetle, how to breed correctly

Instructions for using the Tanrek remedy for the Colorado potato beetle, how to breed correctly

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One of the plagues of potato fields is the Colorado potato beetle, which is difficult, almost impossible to breed. Beetle, insect larvae can destroy all potato plantings, if you do not take measures to combat them. Tanrek from the Colorado potato beetle is considered the best insecticide, which has a number of advantages over other insecticides.

Description of the drug

Tanrek is a powder that dissolves in water without residue. The product is based on the pesticide imidacloprid, used in mixtures with other components. The chemical was isolated from the tobacco shoots. It is used in the fight against various pests of garden plants. The action of the substance does not depend on the ambient temperature, air humidity.

The drug is used both in the fight against the Colorado potato beetle and against:

  • potato scoops;
  • worms;
  • ground flies;
  • garden bugs;
  • aphids;
  • ground beetles;
  • locusts.

Tanrek VRK packaging contains either ampoules of one milliliter, or a bottle of ten, fifty and one hundred milliliters. For processing potatoes in the garden, ampoules are enough, but farmers purchase bottles or bottles with a capacity of a liter.

The principle of action of the tool

Tanrek has a detrimental effect on harmful insects:

  • blocking the transmission of nerve impulses;
  • causing paralysis;
  • leading to death.

The Colorado potato beetle and its larvae die one day after applying the product. And after three - four days, the potato field will be completely cleared of the pest.

With a long-lasting effect, Tanrek Colorado Potato Beetle Control will protect plants for a period of fourteen to twenty days.

You can use an insecticide with antifungal agents. It is incompatible only with formulations containing acids and alkalis.

Tanrek is classified as a systemic drug of toxicity class 3. It destroys earthworms, ants, butterflies, bees, wasps. Pesticide is less dangerous in relation to birds, animals, humans. And for plants, it is absolutely safe. The poisonous substance imidacloprid accumulates in the green parts of the potato, which the Colorado beetles feed on. The poison does not penetrate into the tubers.

Instructions for use

Treatment with an insecticidal agent Tanrek is carried out during the period when beetles, their larvae or eggs are found in the field. It is not worth delaying with spraying, otherwise it will be more difficult to remove the pest.

To protect potato plantings, it is necessary to dilute the insecticide in water. To process a garden of two hundred parts, take one ml of Tanrek's solution and mix it with ten liters of water. If only a hundred square meters of potatoes are planted, then five liters of solution is enough.

Dilute the agent before spraying the infected plants. The procedure is carried out in calm weather in the evening. The solution is not washed off by rain, immediately penetrating into the stem and leaves of vegetable plants.

It is best to cultivate a potato field when the bees have not started their nectar harvesting period, as insects may die. Although the drug does not have a toxic effect on tubers, it is better to dig up potatoes twenty days after processing.

Processing rules

Before starting the treatment of potatoes with Tanrek using a sprayer, you need to rinse and test the device. A solution of a poisonous liquid is poured into a container after thoroughly stirring it.

Before spraying potatoes, put on a respirator or cover the mouth and nose with a gauze bandage. Hands are protected with rubber gloves, and eyes - with special goggles.

Spraying potato plantings, move between rows. In this case, 2-3 rows of vegetables are processed. If other crops grow nearby, it is better to cover them with plastic wrap.

After work, be sure to wash your face and hands with warm water and soap.

For humans, Tanrek insecticide does not pose a great danger. But you can get poisoned by inhaling the vapors of the chemical. If a toxic liquid gets on the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, there will be signs of nausea, weakness. In the instructions for the use of Tanrek from the Colorado potato beetle, it is said that if weakness, itching and redness of the skin occurs, it is necessary to urgently rinse the stomach using activated charcoal tablets. The remains of the pesticide from the mucous membranes are removed by rinsing them under running water.

If the rules for using an insecticide are followed, then poisoning will not occur.

Benefits of using Tanrek

Of all the drugs against the Colorado potato beetle, Tanrek stands out for a number of advantages:

  1. It acts on the nerve receptors of the pest, paralyzing insects, their larvae, leading to death.
  2. The tool protects potato plantings for a long time from the attack of a gluttonous beetle.
  3. The active ingredient imidacloprid enters only the green parts of the vegetable, without accumulating in the tubers.
  4. The half-life of the toxic chemical in the soil reaches fifty to one hundred days.
  5. The stability of the action of Tanrek is preserved on soils with an acidity of 5.0 to 7.0 units.
  6. The agent can be added to fungicidal solutions such as Topaz, Skor. It is combined with anti-ticks.

To clear the planting of potatoes, put a barrier on the pest, it is better to repeat the treatment with Tanrek after two to three weeks.

The opinion of gardeners about the drug

Reviews of the insecticidal agent Tanrek speak of its destructive effect not only on the Colorado potato beetle, but also on aphids, moth caterpillars, and spider mites. The solution fits well on the leaves of the treated plants. But for better adhesion, it is better to add shavings of laundry soap to the working fluid, stirring thoroughly.

Summer residents advise that if you have diluted the drug, you should immediately use it. It is not recommended to store Tanrek in solution, as animals and children can be poisoned by a toxic substance. It is also dangerous for beneficial insects. By treating potatoes with insecticide, they protect the respiratory tract and eyes from the ingress of toxic liquid on the mucous membranes.

Tanrek vegetable growers evaluate on a ten-point scale of seven to eight points, which indicates the effectiveness of the insecticide. The drug is convenient because it is useful for the treatment of fruit and berry crops, indoor plants against pests.

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