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Our Garden Crystal 10.0

Our Garden Crystal 10.0

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The program Our Garden Crystal 10.0 (Our Garden Rubin) is a unique combination of a complete plant encyclopedia and the latest landscape design features. This program is an indispensable assistant for both professional designers and amateur gardeners. In addition, it can be a kind of teaching tool for teachers and students of design schools, institutes and colleges.

Thanks to the use of the program, you can observe your garden at any time, as well as see what changes it undergoes over several months and even years. Using this effective guide to growing plants, you will create your own unique landscape design for your summer cottage and realize the most daring creative ideas.

Characteristics “Our Garden Crystal 10.0”

Compared with the program "Our Garden 6.0 Omega", the updated version of the program has several advantages and innovations:

  • High quality visualization

The updated version improves the quality of three-dimensional images of plants. In addition, it is possible to transfer the realistic properties of materials in the created three-dimensional models (for example, gloss of grass, porosity of stone, gloss of polished metal).

  • Updated Object Library

The program is presented over 1000 3D plants and 3D objects, significantly increased the library of three-dimensional textures, updated three-dimensional objects.

In the program you can see more 500 realistic designs of bushes and trees (in 3D format), as well as over 200 latest models country lamps, fences and many other small architectural objects.

We present you a video about compiling a project in the program of the previous version (9.0):

  • Estimation of the calculator

Using the calculator estimates allows you to set the price for each specific object and indicate the method of calculating the price. A free estimate table is calculated automatically (if it is equipped with details for all objects and the total cost). You can also create and update price catalog files.

  • Complete Plant Encyclopedia

It has more than 15 thousand copies. For ease of use, plants are placed in the catalog in alphabetical order. The library contains more than 26 thousand colorful photographs of plants.

  • Ability to use paving

You can use a convenient tool for paving garden paths, courtyards, patios. In addition, the editor is indispensable for creating regular compositions.

  • The presence of drawing elements

Updated and improved graphics of measuring hands, improved their functionality. The library is equipped with contour areas and arbitrary symbols.

  • Video Presentation

In the updated version of the program, you can demonstrate your own project using video walks in the garden.

  • Vivid photos and links

It is possible to add various photos or links to the object.

  • Seasonal Image Editor

Photo editing takes place according to the appropriate time of the year.

  • Resource editing

Three-dimensional models can be edited. Also subject to change are textures, shapes and materials.

  • Fences and stairs

Thanks to the stair editor, you can design various viaducts, garden bridges, arches and much more. A rich library of railings and balusters is presented. Projects of stairs and ramps can be of various shapes and types.

Also, with the help of the editor, fences or retaining walls of any shape and complexity are designed.

  • The presence of shadows

The size of the shadow from objects is affected by the time of day, year, geographic coordinates of the area, and many other characteristics.

Description of the previous version of the program

Language: RU (Russian) 

Feedback from our users about the program

Alexander Vorontsov, Kostroma:

Great terrain modeling software! I use software professionally, and, of course, we can already say that it quickly paid off. I was pleased with the huge library of objects - this is probably the most important plus. Also, the speed at altitude. In general, the top five!

Elena Petrenko:

Good day! I work in this program (licensed), I like it. Now I am going to purchase a new version 10 with a key. But there is practically no difference. Only 3D views at night with street lighting.