Review of superdeterminate tomato varieties for greenhouses and open field

Review of superdeterminate tomato varieties for greenhouses and open field

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In areas of risky cultivation, superdeterminant tomatoes are mainly grown, in which the fruits ripen in a relatively short period after germination. Agrarian breeders annually develop new hybrids with ultra-early ripening. Typically, this interval is less than 100 days after germination.

What is it - a super-determinant tomato variety and a determinant

Tomato varieties with short stems are called determinant. The growth of the stem in such plants ends after the appearance of 4 - 5 brushes. They tend to produce an ultra-early harvest. These varieties of tomatoes for open ground sometimes require the removal of side shoots, otherwise multiple fruits will form, which will delay the ripening of tomatoes. Superdeterminate varieties are planted in open-plan beds in southern regions and in central Russia. In the northern regions, such tomatoes can only be grown in a greenhouse.

Sometimes they need to be tied to stationary supports. Superdeterminant (with some change in determinant tomato varieties) is characterized by the property of very fast ripening. The process of removing the lateral stems is not important for them.

Early ripening tomatoes for open beds

In regions with a cool climate, the fruits may not have time to ripen in ordinary beds. In such areas, superdeterminate tomato varieties are required.

Amur bole

Plants stretch in height up to 45 - 50 cm. They do not need pinching. The fruits are round and weigh almost 120 g. This species begins to bear fruit for about 90 days. Used in garden beds and greenhouses. It is possible to grow without the use of seedlings. The purpose of the fruits is salad. Shows good yields in cool climates, does not require special care.


This variety has small bushes in height. Most of them do not grow up to 50 cm. It is possible to plant them in the soil of the beds with seeds without using seedlings.

It takes about 92 days before the tomatoes start ripening. They are also planted in plastic greenhouses. The tomato fruits of this variety are small (50 - 70 g), a shade of red, rather juicy. They are used in salads.


Early ripening - 85 days. Seedlings are planted in open ground beds. Plants are short, usually about 40 - 50 cm. For this variety of tomatoes, it is not desirable to cut off lateral shoots. The weight of one fruit is from 50 to 120 g, the shape is spherical, red tint, tomatoes are resistant to transportation. It is considered a salad species.

Aphrodite F1

Bred for cultivation in open-planted beds, have an ultra-early ripening period. This is a determinant plant species (height 50 - 70 cm). Ripening time begins at 75 - 80 days. Ball-shaped fruits, scarlet.

The pulp is firm. Their weight can reach 110 - 115 g. Ripe tomatoes have excellent keeping quality, they are easy to transport over long distances. The hybrid fruit is used for salads or for the production of juices, sauces, pickles and preservation.

Legionnaire F1

A fairly fast ripening type of hybrid. Until ripening about 3 months after germination. They are planted in open beds and in greenhouses under a film cover. The plants are low, from 45 to 60 cm, but the branches are spreading. Tomatoes have an average weight of 140 - 150 g, a pink tint, a ball shape, the skin does not crack. They are used as a salad type of tomato. These hybrids are resistant to several diseases, including bacteriosis and late blight.

Benito F1

The fruiting period begins 70 days after planting the seeds. They are planted in open ground or in greenhouses. The height of the bushes is small, 45 - 50 cm each.

The weight of tomatoes can reach 140 g. The shape of the fruit is oval. The flesh and upper skin are scarlet, the inside is fleshy. The use of fruits is universal. High resistance to fusarium and vertical wilt.


Early maturing variety, determinant. The time before the onset of reddening of tomatoes is 95 days. They are used both for open beds and under a film. The bushes are approximately 70 cm high. They need pinching of the lateral stems. The fruits are relatively large, some of them weigh 300-500 g, but their average weight is about 200 g. Tomatoes are spherical, orange-red in color. The skin does not crack. Their use is universal. This variety successfully resists fusarium.


Recently bred very early maturing variety. Bushes are small in height. Ripening 80 - 85 days after planting. Developed for open beds and greenhouses.

The bushes grow up to 40 - 50 cm. Grown in open beds does not need to carry out pinching and shaping of bushes, bushes grown under the film should be formed into 2 stems (sometimes 3), 3 - 4 bunches are left on each of them. One fruit weighs up to 150 g, the shape is flat-round, the color is scarlet.


Fast ripening tomato variety (91 days). Fruit ripening is almost simultaneous. Tomato bushes grow up to 35 - 40 cm, very miniature, do not require pinching. The weight of one tomato is about 90 g, the fruits are spherical, and the skin color is red. Used as a universal look.


The variety has improved performance of another similar variety called White filling. This species bears fruit as early as 97 days after germination. It is used both for growing on beds of film greenhouses, and on open soil of personal plots.

It is possible to plant without using seedlings. Bushes about 40 - 45 cm high. Periodic removal of lateral shoots is required. One fruit grows to acquire a mass of 120 - 150 g. Globular tomatoes are colored scarlet, their purpose is universal.

Determinant tomato varieties for greenhouses

These plants have an earlier ripening period: those grown in greenhouses have time to ripen in zones with the most unfavorable climate. These varieties of greenhouse tomatoes make it possible to grow two crops per year in unheated greenhouses set up in the southern zones of the country.

Sugar plum raspberry

This variety is semi-determinate, about 1 meter high. It is necessary to cut off the side branches (pinching). The mass of tomatoes is not more than 25 g.

The outer skin has a raspberry hue. Very pleasant taste, oval shape, high percentage of vitamins contained. Ripe fruits are excellently transported. They are used as a universal variety.

Greenhouse early maturing F1

This tomato hybrid belongs to the determinant species. Bushes no more than 70 cm. Suitable for greenhouses. The period before the start of picking tomatoes is 80 - 90 days. The fruit has a spherical shape, the weight of one is up to 180 g, the color of the skin is red, the inside is fleshy. The use of this variety of tomatoes is universal.

F1 President

Hybrid of semi-determinant type. Used for planting in plastic shelters and greenhouses. The bushes are about 70 cm high. It is necessary to carry out pinching in a timely manner. The average weight of fruits is from 120 to 170 g. Tomatoes are round, colored in scarlet. The inner flesh of the fruit is quite dense. They have a long shelf life.


A very early variety, semi-determinate. Ripening begins on day 85. They are planted in greenhouses and hotbeds. The height of the bushes is no more than 1 m.

Side branches should be pinned in time. Tomatoes are relatively large, one can be 250 g. The shape of tomatoes is spherical, scarlet. The pulp is rather dense, characterized by a sweet taste. Used fresh.

Tomatoes for planting on balconies and personal plots

If desired, even on adjoining terraces, loggias or small balconies of apartment buildings, you can get a harvest. For this, quickly ripening tomatoes with low bushes are planted.


It is used for growing both in open beds and in greenhouses or balconies. The height of such plants is about 30 - 40 cm. The stems of bushes of this variety do not require pinching. Tomatoes are very small (up to 25 g), have a sweetish taste with a slight sourness. Used as a universal look. Plants have an increased decorative property and undemanding lighting requirements.


The Pinocchio variety ripens quickly. You can start picking ripe tomatoes 3 months after planting the seeds. Plants are small, about 25 cm tall. They are grown mainly on balconies or open terraces.

Decorative look and high yield. They weigh 15 - 20 g, round shape. The color of tomatoes is red. Used as a salad dressing, for making preserves and sauces.

Room surprise

Determinant species with ultra early maturation (85 days). Can be grown in a thickened planting in beds without shelter or in containers installed on small balconies or closed loggias. Height - about 50 cm, does not need the formation of bushes. Creamy fruits have a red tint. Fruiting is usually simultaneous and fairly abundant. The appointment is universal.

Indoor pygmy

Ripening begins on day 80. Grown in pots on local terraces or closed loggias. Can be planted near curbs.

They grow up to 25 - 30 cm high. Pinching is undesirable. Mostly grown without preliminary planting of seedlings. Differs in the abundance of fruiting. The weight of one fruit is about 25 g. The shape is round, the skin and pulp are scarlet, sweetish in taste. The use is universal.

Garden pearl

Quite an early variety with a determinate type of bushes. It is planted in beds of open soil or on balconies (sometimes it is possible to get a crop grown on a windowsill). The height of such plants is about 30 - 40 cm. The stems are creeping, they need pinching. They are decorative, very beautiful during ripening. Fruits are very small, 15 - 20 g. Each bush can ripen up to 300 - 400 pieces.

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