We change the landscape design in the country with the program Complete Landscape Designer 3

We change the landscape design in the country with the program Complete Landscape Designer 3

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If you want to quickly and qualitatively change the landscape design of a summer cottage for the better, use the Complete Landscape Designer 3 program, which will help to complete the project in a quality manner.

Before the practical part in landscape design, planning always follows, because simply sequentially planting trees and shrubs across the territory, waiting for the original result, will be wrong. Therefore, many summer residents have long been using special auxiliary tools - programs for decorating landscape design, and one of them is Complete Landscape Designer 3.

Benefits of Complete Landscape Designer 3

  • A simple and enjoyable program that is affordable for everyone
  • A huge database of blanks for work, which is possible to use to create a beautiful landscape of a summer cottage.
  • A voluminous library of plants - trees, shrubs and flowers that you can place in the created project to find out how your site will look after they are planted in the ground.
  • Practical plant search with the ability to set specific parameters. That is, you enter the necessary moisture, soil acidity, location in the country and other parameters, and you get a list of plants that meet your requirements and capabilities.
  • Ability to work with ready-made photos, import files.
  • Simple functionality, very convenient tools.

Disadvantages of Complete Landscape Designer 3

There are also not particularly pleasant things, such as the fact that you can look at your project only in a single plane ... you cannot look from the back or from the side to understand how well the plants will look in one place or another. That is, you work in a standard schedule and only with parts of projects, and not with entire sections.

Conclusions about Complete Landscape Designer 3

If you start from serious requirements and complex projects, you can only say one thing - this software is not suitable for such work. But if you decide to simply improve the site, you want to do it on your own and in stages, the program for landscape design Complete Landscape Designer 3 will easily help you cope with the task. You only need to upload a photo of a certain section of the cottage, run the program, open the photo on the working field and pour all your fantasies onto it.