Reasons and what to do if a glove on homemade wine is pulled inside

Reasons and what to do if a glove on homemade wine is pulled inside

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Making wine at home seems simple at first glance. The rubber glove method is used to judge the state of the drink. And a lot can be said about the way it is. If the glove on homemade wine is pulled in, it's a bad sign (other than that natural wine fermentation has ended). To avoid making vinegar, you need to take action.

Why the glove on the fault is pulled inward

If the glove is pulled inward, then this is a negative sign. This means that the fermentation is not going according to plan, that additional steps will be required, otherwise the drink will have to be thrown away.

Yeast, which is a must in home wine, converts sugar and fructose, which is found in fruits, into regular ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. The latter comes out and leads to an increase in the volume of the glove.

It is necessary to put on this shutter, and not close it with a lid, so that excessive pressure does not form in the container. Otherwise, it would have burst, and the fragments would have scattered around the room.

But the glove also acts as a kind of limiter for the contact of wine with the environment around it. It contributes to the fact that microorganisms and mold do not get into the composition.

The glove simultaneously removes carbon dioxide and prevents the passage of air molecules and various microorganisms inside. Of course, it is much easier to use a special water seal, but they are not so cheap. In comparison, the medical glove:

  • more affordable;
  • more convenient to use;
  • securely fastened;
  • understandable intuitively.

But this design cannot be called very reliable. It cannot be installed on a narrow neck and unpleasant odors may occur.

Leaky design

The main reason that the glove deflated is the carelessness of a novice winemaker. It is likely that the carbon dioxide volume was exceeded and the glove broke and fell as a result. Or installed incorrectly. To solve this problem - you need to change the device to a new one, fix it correctly.

Sudden changes in temperature

Problems often arise when there are sudden temperature changes. This happens if the temperature indicators during the day and at night in the room where the container with wine is located differ. In this case, the jar is rearranged, and the fermentation process will go in full force.

Wine does not ferment

This is not a similar problem. The lack of fermentation can be caused by a number of factors, for example, the choice of the wrong grape variety, the wrong algorithm of actions, less sugar than needed, the lack of container sterilization, and much more. Therefore, you need to first find out the problem itself, and then start fixing it. Alas, it is not always possible to return everything to its original state. In some cases, you will have to redo the wine.

Diseases of wine

Diseases of wine are caused by the ingress of mold bacteria or other microorganisms. It is required to treat the wort using various methods, but it should be understood that this will not always be crowned with success. It is better to prevent this situation: rinse the grapes thoroughly before starting cooking, rinse and sterilize all containers and tools used, sample only with a clean spoon and wash it after each sample.

Fermentation is over

Another obvious reason is the end of fermentation. This is a natural process, the timing of which is individual for each drink. It all depends on the type of grapes, the amount of sugar, the temperature in the room, and many other characteristics.

At the end of fermentation, you need to drain the wine from the lees.

What to do if the glove is sucked into the jar

It often happens that homemade wine literally sucks the glove inside. There is another situation - it swells so much that it literally bursts. The only way out is to simply replace it with a new one.

If the wine was open, that is, the glove was inside or outside, for less than a day, then there will be no problems. The released carbon dioxide will not allow the air to come into contact with the composition, so pathogenic organisms will not get into the wort. If the wine has stood without a shutter for more than a day, then, alas, the natural fermentation process is unlikely to be resumed.

How to avoid problems?

To avoid problems, you need to learn how to properly install the glove on the bottle. You need to choose a high-quality rubber model. In this case, only a special medical one is taken, which is bought at a pharmacy, since it does not have an unpleasant odor. Then:

  • a needle makes from 1 to 5 punctures on the phalanges (1-3 liters - 1 puncture, from 3 to 25 liters - 2 punctures, from 25 liters - from 3 to 5 punctures);
  • put on the neck of a bottle with a homemade wine drink;
  • bandage with an elastic band or rewind with tape.

The wine is transferred to a room with an acceptable temperature. Control his condition at least once a day.

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