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How to grow sweet watermelon and melon

How to grow sweet watermelon and melon

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I really want to grow melon and watermelon in my summer cottage. This is my third attempt, before that something incomprehensible grew, the fruits were not sweet and small. I have good soil, what could be the problem?


You yourself answered your own question. The fact is that watermelon does not like black soil, loam, grows comfortably in sandy or sandy loamy soils. He also does not like heavy clay soils. This is because the roots of a watermelon can reach 1 m in length. In an unsuitable soil, the root system is difficult to develop. Another reason is a short period of summer, and, accordingly, heat. The fruits do not have time to grow and ripen. You did not indicate your region of residence. Perhaps there are more reasons depending on weather conditions. When 1-2 fruits with the size of a tennis ball appear, the ovaries are limited (pick). This allows the whip not to waste energy on fruits that still do not have time to ripen.