ArchiCad 17: create your own summer cottage projects

ArchiCad 17: create your own summer cottage projects

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ArchiCad is a professional software, the work of which is affordable and for a beginner. If you want to independently plan and design the landscape of a summer cottage area, developing capital constructions and buildings - work with Archi Cad 17.

ArchiCad 17 - the real tool of a true architect, even a beginner, but a person who wants to develop, plan and implement their own projects. Of course, with this program you will not begin to build bridges and build cities, but working with a summer cottage is quite possible.

Ease of Use ArchiCad 17

The program for architectural modeling and an object-oriented approach to detail is considered the leader in its class. ArchiCad places a serious emphasis on the simplicity of training, ease of use of the program and the absolute maximum of its tools, on the possibility of working with a complete data package and internal libraries filled with the necessary elements for the project. In addition, the software is intended for the simplest 3D modeling and disclosure of basic architecture issues for beginners.

Benefits of ArchiCad 17

Naturally, like any software, Our software has a number of reasonable features that distinguish the program from the rest.

  • First of all, I want to point out the fact that this is not only the first program in the class of architectural CAD packages, but also the leading one.
  • Secondly, the user has access to all the program data and uses it at his own discretion;
  • Thirdly, ArchiCad 7.0 enables the integration of three-dimensional construction on a PC.

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Working with ArchiCad 17 on video

But this is only the beginning, because with the help of Archi Cad 17 you can always work with the dimensions of project objects, display estimates, scale, arrange areas, and carry out other measurements and calculations. Also, any change to the drawing is immediately reflected in the reporting documentation, which significantly saves the user's time loss. But, the main advantage of ArchiCad is that the software constantly saves all the data about the project, and does not update them, that is, you can always go back a few steps absolutely painlessly and correct the project. At the same time, the size, plans, perspectives, sections, sections, necessary materials, lists and costs, corrections steps and indents, comments and footnotes of the author are stored in the archive.

Buy ArchiCad 17 (official version)

In general, working with ArchiCad 17 is quite convenient, you only need to deal with software at first, and you can safely proceed.