Description and yield of tomato varieties Marshmallow in chocolate

Description and yield of tomato varieties Marshmallow in chocolate

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Humanity got acquainted with the first tomato already in the 8th century AD. Today there are many different varieties that are ready to surprise even the most demanding connoisseurs of the nightshade culture. In the XXI century, thanks to the efforts of Russian breeders, the tomato Marshmallow in chocolate appeared. It got an unusual name due to its original color of ripe berries. Taste qualities and good yield made it popular among consumers and gardeners.

General description of the variety

The variety is intended for cultivation in greenhouses.

In the southern regions of the country, the option of planting in open ground is possible. Description of the variety:

  • mid-ripening, the maximum ripening period of fruits is up to 115 days;
  • indeterminate;
  • tall, the bush reaches a maximum height of 1.7 m;
  • resistant to fungal diseases;
  • it has a high yield, up to 6 kilograms from one bush per season;
  • not intended for long-term storage.

A universal variety can be cultivated in all regions of Russia, subject to the recommendations for cultivation. Ripe tomatoes have the following characteristics:

  • rounded shape;
  • interesting color, the color of ripe fruits is red-brown with green spots closer to the stalk;
  • the berry reaches a maximum weight of 150 grams;
  • juicy;
  • sweet;
  • a small number of cameras;
  • ribbed.

Seedling preparation and planting

The best way to grow is by seedling. Preparation should begin two months before the estimated time of planting. To get good seedlings, you should:

  • prepare separate containers for each seedling, peat pots are suitable;
  • fill containers tightly with complex soil for tomatoes;
  • plant seeds to a depth of 1.5-2 cm;
  • immediately after sowing, water with warm water and cover with foil;
  • after the first shoots appear, place the seedlings in a well-lit place;
  • make regular watering;
  • maintain the room temperature at 21-25 degrees.

Before planting, prepare the holes, pour complex fertilizers into each. Preliminarily, at least 10 days before planting, harden the plants. Vegetable growers recommend picking the plant and forming a bush into one or two stems.

Plant care

Proper care is the key to a good harvest. Tomatoes of this variety are not demanding. The cultivation features include the obligatory pinching and garter. It is necessary to water the tomato as needed. Recommended for the summer season:

  • feed the bush, 4 to 6 times;
  • loosen the soil regularly;
  • remove weeds;
  • water only with warm water;
  • if necessary, the plant is treated with insecticides.

Opinion and feedback from gardeners

I was very pleased with the unusual variety of tomatoes Marshmallow in chocolate. Tomatoes stand out on the table. Unusual dark, red-brown color - became the highlight of the variety. Among the pluses: sweet taste, not whimsical. Growing tomatoes is no more difficult than other species of the nightshade family. Watering, feeding, loosening is the key to a good harvest. It is important to tie up the bushes in time and by August you can pick delicious berries. I advise!

Varvara Mikhailovna, 56 years old.

Marshmallow in chocolate is an original variety of mid-season tomatoes. The family loves their sweet taste and unusual color. Not capricious, grow well in greenhouse conditions. I start to prepare seedlings in early May, by August the tomatoes can be harvested. Of the minuses - they cannot be stored for a long time. Transportation is also not the best. You must eat right away, chop it into a salad or pickle. I usually make a small garden bed, my grandchildren really like the bright colors. Lovers of unusual varieties should definitely try it!

Galina Apollonovna, 65 years old.

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