Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Sweet kiss, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Sweet kiss, its yield

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Tomato Sweet Kiss belongs to the small varieties that amazed gardeners with their incredible taste and resistance to diseases. They have Siberian roots, so they always survive the cold. They can even be grown outdoors. Adults and children love these sweet vegetables for their delicious flavor.

This type belongs to mid-season tomatoes.... The fruits of this variety are eaten fresh, made salads from them, or canned. If you provide them with quality care, they will delight you with a bountiful harvest.

All about the variety

The description of the Sweet Kiss variety is written on the package with the seeds. Ripens about three months after sowing the seeds. Refers to small tomatoes. Perfectly adapts to any weather changes, normally refers to cold weather.

The bushes of the variety are quite tall, they can grow up to one and a half meters. Therefore, they must be tied to a support and formed into stems. All the same, not all tomatoes have time to ripen. The foliage is not very dense, the inflorescences are all simple. On the brushes, the tomatoes are hung in clusters of several pieces.

The fruits are round. There are always a lot of them on the branch. The color is red. The skin is dense, smooth, shiny. These tomatoes are recognized as one of the sweetest varieties in the world.... The taste and aroma are unique, rich tomato. They contain a large amount of sugar. Small cherries are ideal for salad dressing and slicing. And pickled they turn out to be simply incomparable.

If someone wants to plant these crops in the garden, then you need to know how to grow them correctly, and what conditions to create for the growth of this variety.

How to grow

Tomatoes are planted in a greenhouse or open soil with sprouted seedlings. These varieties of tomatoes are grown in seedlings. They grow best in greenhouses, where all special conditions are created for them. They love good soil, only then they give a wonderful harvest.

The seeds are soaked in a special solution for quick germination and against fungus. Treat the soil with potassium permanganate or a fungus spore remedy. Then they are planted, keeping a distance. Usually containers with them are placed on the windowsill. Until the sprouts germinate, they are covered with foil. It is always necessary to provide sufficient light. It is possible not to use artificial light, but always keep plants near the window.

Always water as the ground is dry.

At the beginning of spring, it is already necessary to sow seeds in special containers. Before sowing, they are treated in a solution from the fungus. Then cover with foil. The seeds germinate well at a temperature of 22 degrees. When the first leaves appear, the film is removed, and the shoots are seated separately in cups.

This pick is necessary in order for them to grow and feed better. Plants need to be provided with sufficient light and water as they grow. Do not forget to feed with fertilizers. Then the bushes will gain strength and get stronger day by day.

As soon as good spring weather is established outside, the seedlings must be taken out to the balcony for airing and hardening.

Tomatoes are usually planted in the ground in May-June. These tomatoes can be planted not only in greenhouses. But in the northern areas, it is better to cover them with foil.

Sweet varieties always love fertile good soil. It is thanks to her that such a rich taste is obtained. It is prepared in advance: they put sand, peat, organic fertilizers and mineral fertilizers, humus there. Before planting, water and loosen well.

They plant tomato bushes. Kiss, measuring the distance so that it is convenient to approach them and to feed them.

You must immediately tie up the seedlings, as they stretch high and quickly. They usually knit with ropes. The yield of the variety largely depends on the care.

Quality care

The characteristic of a tomato will be able to tell you how to care for it, what conditions to create in order for there to be high-quality growth and abundant fruiting. Caring for small cherry blossoms is not much different from caring for large varieties, but there are nuances that must be observed.

  1. Tall bushes of this variety need a garter, otherwise they will fall to the ground under the weight of vegetables.
  2. High-quality watering for tomatoes must be ensured, but the main thing is not to overdo it.
  3. Loosening of the earth, hilling, mulching.
  4. Drizzle with warm water, preferably from a barrel. Watering tomatoes in the ground at the root.
  5. Soak tomato seeds in manganese before planting.
  6. Spray tomatoes for diseases.
  7. Do not let the earth turn to stone, loosen it, huddle it up, mulch it.
  8. Remove weeds that interfere with the supply of vitamins to crops and nutrition.
  9. Several times over the summer you need to feed vegetables with mineral and organic fertilizers. Moreover, nitrogen fertilizers can be fed to tomatoes before the ovary forms.
  10. Spraying with special solutions for insects and diseases.
  11. Sometimes open the windows and doors of the greenhouse where the tomatoes grow for ventilation.
  12. If you are planting in open ground, then at night you should always cover with a film from dew and cold.

A careful attitude will reward you with high-quality fruiting, there will be a lot of fruits, they will be very tasty. If you fulfill all these requirements, show simple care, then soon these plants will delight the family with delicious little tomatoes.

The opinions of summer residents

Reviews of summer residents who have ever tried this type of tomato always have positive ratings. Indeed, the amazing taste and delicate alluring aroma are very popular with the whole family, even the smallest members. Lovers of this variety purchase Kiss seeds every year to always enjoy this wonderful taste.

Lilia, 56 years old: Planted to taste tomato variety Sweet kiss. It was not possible to understand the true taste, as this year almost the entire crop suffered from dew. These small tomatoes are blotchy and not very sweet. They made juice from them. Apparently the taste has deteriorated due to illness.

Marina, 44 years old: I have been planting this tomato variety for two years in a row. Happy with the harvest. Bright, juicy, aromatic tomatoes. Sweetish taste. The only negative is that you have to tie up too tall shrubs. But that's probably all.

Victor, 52: Our family loves cherry tomatoes. They have an extraordinary taste. And we decided to plant a tomato Kiss. We read reviews about it, and chose this particular variety. We have a north side in the garden, and there are always constant winds, as well as lowlands. But, despite this, the fruits ripened on time, there were a lot of them. The taste is excellent, there was exactly the same sweetness that they talk about. The only thing I want to note is that this culture loves good soil, fertilized with high quality. It will not always grow on empty soil. Have a good harvest everyone!

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