Description of the Bonanza banana tomato variety and its characteristics

Description of the Bonanza banana tomato variety and its characteristics

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Finding a detailed description of the variety is half the success for a summer resident. Given this information, you can grow a good harvest without making mistakes. Bonanza tomatoes are a novelty, but despite this, they have already won recognition among gardeners.

Basic ideas about the variety

The correct location on the site, the peculiarities of growing and caring for plants, this and other useful information contains the characteristics and description of the variety.


  • Bush: indeterminate.
  • Height: 1.7-1.8 m
  • Number of tomatoes in a brush: 12-15 pcs.
  • Ripens within: 100-110 days.


  • Shape: pepper-shaped or banana-shaped.
  • Size: 20 cm.
  • Color: red.
  • Density: high.
  • Transportability: excellent.
  • Shelf life: 1 month.

Planting and caring for the plant

Tomato seeds are sown 2 months before being transferred to the greenhouse. At the phase of the 1st true leaf, they dive in separate containers. To feed enough once, stimulating the growth of top dressing.

In order for the seedlings not to stretch, but to form strong stems, it is necessary to observe the thermal and light conditions. Lighting 12 hours in a relatively cool room.

Tomatoes "Bonanza" are formed into one stem, they constantly give side shoots. Growing stepchildren will lead to the fact that the tomato will greatly develop the green mass, and there will be few fruits.

Sprinkle with warm water, preferably in the evening. Weeding and loosening are carried out as preventive measures to prevent certain diseases.

Harvest volume and application

The yield of the variety is up to 3.5 kg from one bush. This is subject to competent care and the fulfillment of basic agrotechnical requirements. Bears fruit for a very long time. According to summer residents who left reviews, if the growth point is not removed, the bush will form about 40 brushes.

Tomatoes are used very widely. Because of their shape, housewives use them to prepare assorted cucumbers. They look very impressive. In addition, they decorate the table for the holiday and prepare fresh salads. Perfect for whole fruit canning.

Positive and negative aspects of the view

When choosing varieties for a plot, a summer resident pays attention to many details. Negative and positive characteristics help in the choice.


  • The versatility of tomatoes.
  • Disease resistance.
  • The yield is excellent.
  • The fruits do not crack.
  • It bears fruit for a very long time, so in the greenhouse it is possible not to renew the plants for longer.
  • Compactness, can be planted more often than bushes of other varieties.


  • It is imperative to form a plant, the most difficult thing for beginners to cope with.
  • Not suitable for outdoor cultivation

What summer residents say about Bonanza tomatoes

To learn more about the features of the variety, you can look for reviews that are left by other gardeners. They often contain a lot of useful information, recommendations for growing and care.

  • Angelica. No shortcomings identified. I took seedlings from a friend. I'm happy with everything. Especially the fact that thick sauces are obtained from the fruits. Recommended for cooking adjik ketchups and other tomato derivatives. Will definitely plant more.
  • Lyudmila. The garter and shaping were difficult. Looks nice in banks.

Its unusual shape and excellent taste have made Bonanza a favorite with many gardeners.

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