Recipes for making lecho for the winter from zucchini you will lick your fingers

Recipes for making lecho for the winter from zucchini you will lick your fingers

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Zucchini lecho for the winter is a classic Hungarian dish prepared by many housewives. Various ingredients are used during its preparation. Quite often, in addition to zucchini, onions, tomatoes and peppers are added there. Some do not prepare zucchini lecho for the winter, but prepare it as a separate dish, to which smoked meat, eggs or sausage are added.

Currently, there are many different recipes that use spices and vegetable oil. Most often, this lecho is made for winter harvesting.

Main ingredients

Before you cook lecho with zucchini, you need to figure out the main ingredients. Any simple recipe has four main ingredients:

  • onion;
  • tomatoes;
  • bell pepper;
  • zucchini.

Zucchini must be chosen very carefully, since they are the main ingredient. For cooking, it is recommended to buy young zucchini, which are covered with a thin skin. Only from them can you make a delicate and delicious lecho. However, sometimes it is not possible to purchase them and you have to use overripe zucchini. In this case, before using them, you will have to remove the skin from them and chop very finely.

To prepare a spicy lecho with pepper, you should use pepper, which has a thin skin and rather juicy walls. It is recommended to buy the Lecho or Banana variety, but you can also make a delicious dish from vegetable peppers.

Also add tomato paste or tomatoes to the dish. Lecho with tomato paste has a richer color and taste, as evidenced by reviews of housewives. Late varieties are recommended as they are very sweet and juicy. If tomatoes are to be replaced with tomato paste, then a thick paste that does not contain starch should be preferred.

Quite often, salad onions are added to the zucchini lecho for the winter. When choosing this ingredient, you need to pay attention to the fact that it does not taste too bitter. If the onion is too bitter, it will negatively affect the taste of the dish.

Container and storage

To make winter harvesting, you should figure out in advance which container to use for this.

Recommended to be canned in half-liter jars. Such a container is the most convenient, since the dish is stored open for no more than ten days. If you use too large jars, then the lecho may deteriorate.

The number of cans that will be needed for curling directly depends on the ripeness of the products used and their density. On average, it turns out about three half-liter cans of lecho. If too juicy tomatoes are added to the dish, then a little more cans will be needed.

It is recommended to store the prepared workpieces in a dark room or basement. Under ideal storage conditions, canned lecho will not deteriorate for two years. In rooms with temperatures above 20 degrees, the shelf life is reduced to one year.

Key recommendations

Before you cook lecho for the winter from pepper and zucchini, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic recommendations that will help with this:

  1. It is advisable to use only young zucchini or zucchini no longer than 20-30 cm. They have crispy flesh and thin skin and are ideal for this dish.
  2. It is advisable to add vinegar to the conservation. It adds a little harshness to unleavened vegetables.
  3. The zucchini should not be chopped too finely so that the zucchini lecho for the winter does not look like zucchini caviar. It is recommended to cut them into small 1–2 cm cubes.
  4. To make tomato paste rare and lack the skin, it is necessary to filter it through a sieve. If it is not there, then before grinding the tomatoes, it is necessary to peel them from the skin.


There are so delicious recipes for zucchini lecho for the winter that you will lick your fingers.

First recipe

To prepare lecho from zucchini in a slow cooker for the winter, you will need the following ingredients:

  • a kilogram of zucchini;
  • 40 g sugar;
  • 30 g salt;
  • 60 ml vinegar;
  • 80 ml of oil;
  • a kilogram of tomatoes;
  • 300 g onions;
  • 350 g of carrots.

First you need to start preparing the cans. In this case, half-liter and liter containers are used. In them, the lecho will remain hot for a long time. If the dish will be prepared for the winter without sterilization, then it will be enough just to wash the jars and put them on a towel. However, many housewives prefer to sterilize them before rolling. The simplest method is steam sterilization. In this case, a bowl of water is placed on the gas stove. It is brought to a boil, after which a sieve is placed on the container, on which the jar must be placed.

The jar is removed from the bowl only after water begins to flow down its walls.

After sterilizing the jars, you can start preparing the vegetables. First, the tomatoes are divided in half so that you can cut out the place where the stalk was connected. Then the tomatoes are twisted in a meat grinder, poured into a small bowl and boiled for half an hour. At this time, you can prepare the onion. It is cut into straws or small rings. You should also peel and grate the carrots.

Preparing zucchini begins with trimming the stalk. Then you should cut off the skin from the vegetable if it is too hard. After that, the zucchini should be chopped. It is cut lengthwise into several pieces, which then need to be cut across. Young zucchini need not be peeled.

After cooking the tomato paste, add oil, sugar, salt and vinegar. However, some housewives make lecho without vinegar. The liquid is mixed for several minutes, after which the previously prepared ingredients are added to it. Lecho is cooked for 30-40 minutes. After that, it is distributed among the cans and rolled up with lids.

Second recipe

Sometimes lecho is prepared with the addition of cucumbers for the winter. In this case, the following ingredients will be needed to prepare the preservation:

  • a kilogram of zucchini;
  • 500 g of pepper;
  • 300 g cucumbers;
  • 100 g sugar;
  • 50 g of salt;
  • 200 ml vinegar;
  • 200 ml of oil;
  • 250 g onions;
  • a kilogram of tomatoes;
  • 100 g of onions and garlic.

First, you should prepare containers for preservation. As last time, it is recommended to use 1 liter or half liter containers. Before rolling, they are thoroughly washed out with water, sterilized and dried.

Preparing vegetables starts with tomatoes. They are washed out and ground in a meat grinder. Then red pepper is cut and also passed through a meat grinder. The resulting liquid is poured into a small saucepan and placed on the gas stove. It should be boiled for 20 minutes, after which butter, sugar and salt are added to it.

In parallel with the preparation of tomato paste, garlic with carrots and onions are chopped. Then you should start preparing zucchini. First, they are thoroughly washed and cut into small slices. They are dipped in tomato paste and boiled in it for 20-35 minutes. A few minutes before the end of cooking, add vinegar to the pot.

The prepared dish is poured into jars, then it should be rolled up with sterilized lids and turned upside down.


Preparing lecho for the winter from zucchini with ketchup or pepper is quite easy. To do this, you must study the recommendations for cooking and recipes with photos in advance.

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