Instructions for using the remedy for the Colorado potato beetle Beetle-eater

Instructions for using the remedy for the Colorado potato beetle Beetle-eater

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The beetle eater from the Colorado potato beetle has replaced numerous biological and chemical agents that have been created for decades to get rid of insects that have taken a fancy to nightshade plants. The list of drugs for a pest that destroys entire fields of potatoes in a short time is constantly replenished with new compounds, but the Colorado potato beetle quickly adapts to them.

With the appearance of heat, the female insect finds the first shoots on which it lays hundreds of eggs. In less than a month, the larvae hatch, which greedily pounce on the leaves and stems of the plant, causing colossal damage to the crop.

Composition of the preparation

Any remedy for the Colorado potato beetle, which was produced by different manufacturers, at first effectively fought against the gluttonous pest, but after a while the striped insect appeared on the leaves of the potato, since it has amazing adaptability.

Some firms continue to release new pest control products. A company called August took a different path. Before the creation of a drug for the Colorado potato beetle Zhukoed, experts studied:

  • insect behavior;
  • opportunities for adaptation,
  • features of life;
  • the composition of other poisons used.

A remedy that is only slightly dangerous for humans, but kills both adults and larvae, destroys egg clutches, has three active components in its composition that ensure its effectiveness. This poison from the Colorado potato beetle is suitable for use both in small summer cottages and in farm fields.

The effectiveness of the product is ensured by the presence in it:

  • alpha cypermethrin;
  • imidacloprid;
  • clothianidin.

The first of the substances causes paralysis of the insect, negatively affecting its nervous system. When this component enters the body, adults die within an hour and fall to the ground under the bush.

After spraying, imidaclopromide penetrates into all the leaves and stems of the plant, which the pest eats. In addition, this component contributes to an increase in yield, since it increases the resistance of the tubers to diseases.

Clothianidin destroys the insect, strengthens the bush, reanimates the tissue structure of the culture, and restores the leaves.

The poison from the Colorado potato beetle Beetle-eater is used once a season, but this does not interfere with getting rid of all the offspring. It can no longer harm the plant.

How to use the product?

The beetle eater should not be bought at the market, where fakes are often sold that have absolutely no effect on insects. When buying an insecticide, which is better to purchase in a specialized store or on the website of the company that produces it, you need to pay attention to the originality of the packaging of the Zhukoed drug. Instructions for use from the Colorado potato beetle help you understand how to dilute the composition so that insects no longer harm the plants.

It is not necessary to use the entire preparation for a plot of potatoes a hundred square meters in size, since it is 9 ml in a package, but 1.5 is enough. To prepare the poison:

  1. With a syringe, you need to collect the calculated amount of funds.
  2. The poison must be poured into a prepared dish.
  3. First you need to dilute it in a liter of water, then add two more.
  4. The solution will have to be thoroughly mixed and sent to the sprayer container.

Every potato bush is processed by a beetle eater. Even if the drug does not get on the insect, having tasted the leaves, it will still die.

The instructions say that the effect of the drug does not deteriorate with changes in humidity and air temperature. But if you read the reviews of summer residents who sprayed their weave with the Beetle Eater, it becomes clear that the effectiveness of the composition decreases if it rains. Do not process bushes in strong winds.

You need to spray the beds in the morning, it is recommended to finish the procedure before 10 o'clock or do the work after 6 pm... For a hundred square meters of culture, 3 liters of the prepared solution are enough. For spraying dense and tall bushes, the consumption of the composition should be increased.

Advantages of the drug

Among the various poisons used in the battle against insects that destroy entire fields planted with nightshade plants, the Beetle Eater has clear advantages:

  1. The effect is achieved at any stage of potato development.
  2. No harm to the culture.
  3. Adults die in a day.
  4. After processing, the larvae do not crawl out of the eggs.

Even if the composition does not get on an insect that feeds on the leaves of a bush, paralysis and death await him.

Before the ovary appears, the preparation can be sprayed on eggplants and tomatoes, which the beetle adores no less than potatoes. Toxins do not accumulate in tubers if processed 20 days before harvest.

Poison protection

In order not to be poisoned by the substances that form the basis of the agent used to destroy the Colorado potato beetle, one must not ignore safety measures when storing the drug, and during the preparation of the solution, and when processing the beds.

Before diluting the composition, you must wear gloves and rubber boots, protect the respiratory tract with a respirator. It is worth starting work when there are no pets and babies nearby, so as not to harm their health.

During spraying, you can not drink anything, have a snack, or light a cigarette. It is not known whether the drug can be combined with other poisons, so it is better not to mix such agents. After completing the work, you must take a shower.

Reviews of farmers and summer residents about the Beetle Eater are ambiguous. In small areas, it was possible to get rid of the striped arthropod insect in one spraying procedure. In the fields after treatment with this insecticide, the pests also died, but after a while they reappeared. Beetles fly long distances, hibernate deep in the ground, where they crawl in June after breeding. People have been fighting them unsuccessfully for almost 70 years.

Treatment of leaves and stems with a Beetle Eater paralyzes insects... This drug effectively fights the pest. But adults have a good sense of smell, having felt the attractive smell of their favorite culture, fly over to feast on leaves. Even with the complete destruction of the Colorado beetles in the garden, it is not a fact that they will not appear next year.

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