Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Blue bunch, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Blue bunch, its yield

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Tomato Blue Bunch f1 is a very interesting variety obtained by crossing and selection, so named for its beautiful shape and dark color. It grows in clusters on a bush. Tomatoes have a shade of dark grape blue. It is sometimes compared to plums.

This exclusive is surprisingly useful fresh, and you can also make sauces, pastas, and bake from it. Due to its sweet rich taste, some make jam from it. It has a high yield and does not crack during transportation.

About the features of tomatoes

This culture is a hybrid that is obtained by crossing wild tomatoes with domestic ones. Wild ones have a dark shade. This is one of the most unique varieties, specially designed for fans of unusual colors of vegetables. New seeds are used every time when planting. The variety grows well throughout Russia, has resistance to cold and disease. However, it is still better to plant it in seedlings in greenhouses.

Description and characteristics of the variety are given on the package with the seed. They allow you to determine how best to grow a given hybrid in order to achieve a large yield.

The bushes are usually tall, the stem is thick and powerful. From it there are curly processes with brushes. The foliage is bright green, carved, no cannon. The flowers are simple.

One of the reasons why this vegetable should be grown is the unusual taste of the fruit, it does not look like the tomatoes that many are so used to. Some gardeners describe it as a mixture of plum and tomato. They are round, smooth, shiny. Mature tomatoes are almost black or dark purple, unripe - from green to blue. The pulp is very fleshy and juicy, the skin is firm. The branches usually grow in clusters.

These tomatoes are very healthy. They contain many vitamins that improve attention, memory, protect blood vessels, heart, cleanse the blood. They can be given to children safely, without fear of allergies. They improve metabolism, increase immunity, and also remove harmful substances from the body.

Growing rules

These tomatoes are usually planted in the garden as seedlings, strong with foliage. But first, germinate the seeds on the window in March. Between the seeds, a distance of two to three cm must be observed. In the process of growth, it is better to plant the shoots in separate containers.

In two months, ready-made sprouts should appear, which are planted in the garden. It is better to tie up the bushes right away. The ground in the greenhouse is prepared in autumn. Before planting, it is plowed, loosened, sprinkled with fertilizers, watered. Immediately after all the seedlings have been planted, it is best to leave them alone for a few days to adapt to the new location. From the moment the seeds were planted to the ripening of the fruits, it usually takes three months.

It is best to achieve the cultivation of a bush in one branch the first time. Do not let it grow too densely, if there are extra processes, then they need to be cut off.

Reviews about this culture are very diverse. Some do not like him very much for his non-standard taste. Someone, on the contrary, wants something original. Its main advantages are that it has a strong immunity, is not afraid of cold weather, and gives a large harvest.

The secret to a good harvest is simple. If a summer resident wants to grow unusual types of crops, then you need to be more careful about caring for them.

How to care

The same taste of ripe plums in combination with tomatoes depends on the quality of care. If there is not enough light, food, watering, then the fruits will become sour, tough, their color will fade. They will not be able to mature to the desired stage. Therefore, you need to clearly know what conditions need to be created for them.

  • Before planting, seeds are dipped in a solution of potassium permanganate and in a growth accelerator;
  • The soil must be constantly loosened. This will improve the supply of nutrients, water and air;
  • Be sure to add fertilizer two weeks after planting in the greenhouse, and then every three weeks;
  • For prophylaxis against diseases and pests, it is necessary to periodically spray the bushes with special means;
  • Weeds suck the strength and nutrients from tomatoes, so they always need to be weeded, removing them from the roots;
  • Tall bushes must be tied up with ropes;
  • So that there is more light in the greenhouse, excess foliage should be removed, and when planting, take into account the distance so that the seedlings do not grow densely;
  • Doors and windows on hot days need to be opened, adding fresh air;
  • It is enough to do a child's egg every two weeks
  • Provide high-quality watering, all tomatoes need moisture, but do not overfill them.

If the land is fertile and all conditions are met, then these purple vegetables will bring excellent results.

The Blue Bunch is a tomato that can surprise with its bright taste and unusual shape. Do not be afraid that such bizarre species will not be able to grow in the garden. It is quite simple to grow them, knowing all the nuances of caring for them. Rich harvest!

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