Description of the cherry variety Valery Chkalov and characteristics of the fruits, pros and cons, cultivation

Description of the cherry variety Valery Chkalov and characteristics of the fruits, pros and cons, cultivation

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Gardeners look at thousands of options in search of suitable plants. Studying the description of the cherry variety Valery Chkalov, summer residents often opt for it. This is due to the following reasons: the species is old, time-tested, fruitful and resistant to frost. In some sources, this variety is called cherry.

The history of the creation of the variety

Cherry Chkalov has been known to gardeners since 1974. The species was created jointly by two large breeding organizations. The experiment was based on the goal of creating such a tree that could withstand temperature drops, adverse weather conditions and much more. Crossing varieties among themselves, we got the look of Valery Chkalov.

By studying the description of the variety, the gardener makes the final decision about whether the variety is suitable for growing in the region of residence.

Characteristics of the tree and fruit

The description of the tree will help the gardener choose the right place for him on the site:

  • height 5-6 m;
  • the trunk is strong, brown;
  • wide, spreading crown;
  • massive branches;
  • flowering period end of May;
  • the first fruits are harvested in early July;
  • the yield is high.

In addition to the characteristics of the tree, the summer resident needs to know what kind of berries the cherries have Valery Chkalov.

  • fruits are large, 6 g;
  • fleshy;
  • dark red hue;
  • the bone is large;
  • sweet and sour;
  • well kept;
  • used for canning and fresh consumption.

Growing sweet cherries on the site is common. The difficulty is the correct selection of a variety that meets all the needs of the family.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Any plant has positive and negative characteristics. You should familiarize yourself with them in a timely manner.


  • Ripening early, by the middle of summer, delicious berries will appear on the table.
  • A large volume of harvest, the number of fruits directly depends on how much attention the gardener pays to caring for the tree.
  • Winter hardiness. Resistant to low temperatures, a weighty trait for gardeners living in cold regions.
  • High taste characteristics, versatility of use.
  • Undemanding to the composition of the soil and care.


  • low level of field health;
  • poor transport tolerance;
  • exactingness to the formation;
  • the need to plant pollinators in the immediate vicinity.

Cherry Valery Chkalov has many advantages that a gardener can appreciate after planting a tree on his site.

Planting and leaving

After the gardener has decided on the choice of the variety, the seedling should be properly planted. By fulfilling simple requirements, a healthy and actively bearing tree is obtained.

It is best to plant cherries in the spring, even before the juice begins to move. Over the summer, the seedling will take root and gain strength for wintering.

Proper care will help you get the declared yield.

Growing conditions

To get fruits, it is necessary to create such conditions under which the plant will give the maximum possible yield:

  • The first step is to find a place to grow. A sunny, draft-free area is best.
  • Groundwater should be at a depth of 3-4 m, it is best to plant cherries on a hill, some gardeners create mounds on their own.
  • The distance between the trees is 3-4 m, from the building is 5 m.
  • It is imperative to install a support so that the young plant grows upright and is protected from strong winds.

When a tree grows in a favorable environment, the yield is much higher.


The cherry pit is prepared in advance. Since planting is preferable to a vein, it is prepared in the fall. Dimensions 70 * 80 cm. Before planting a tree, organic and mineral fertilizers mixed with a fertile layer of earth are poured onto the bottom. From here, the seedling will receive nutrition for 1-2 years.

Then a support is installed, to which a young tree is subsequently tied. Fall asleep so that the root collar remains above the ground, watered abundantly.


A young seedling Valery Chkalov needs watering, but it should be watered as the top layer dries. Waterlogging will lead to root rot. To retain moisture longer and provide oxygen access to the root system, the peri-stem circle is loosened. This will help to avoid the appearance of weeds.

Gardeners also practice mulching. It performs almost the same tasks as loosening.

There is no need to feed at first. When the cherries get stronger, you need to feed 3 times per season:

  • in spring before flowering;
  • during ripening;
  • after fruiting.

It is better to alternate organic matter with mineral supplements.

Pruning is required, the seedling should be shortened, leaving 50 cm.Then annually shorten the skeletal branches by 1/3 of the length. Remove old, dry, deformed branches.

Diseases and pests

Defending against disease and insects is not an easy task. For prevention, summer residents process all trees in the garden without exception in the spring. They also do this in the fall. They use chemicals or proven folk remedies.

Planting cherries Valery Chkalov in the garden will not cause any difficulties. It is necessary to follow the instructions of experienced summer residents.

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