Is it possible to spray potatoes during flowering from the Colorado potato beetle?

Is it possible to spray potatoes during flowering from the Colorado potato beetle?

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Since the 50s of the last century, the Colorado potato beetle has become the scourge of potato fields, both industrial and private. The question is whether it is possible to spray potatoes during flowering, summer residents in any corner of our big country. The striped pest is very tenacious and adapts perfectly to any weather conditions. In regions with cold winters, it burrows almost 0.5 m into the soil and calmly waits out the cold.

Potato pest - development phases

It is not for nothing that summer residents have a question whether it is possible to spray potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle right during flowering. Massive ration of potato tops begins precisely during the formation of buds on potato bushes.

Overwintered beetles crawl to the surface in spring when the soil temperature reaches 12 ° C. At daytime temperatures from 20 ° C, adults actively mate, females make clutches of eggs, from which larvae appear on the potato leaves by the time of flowering.

For planting potatoes, the Colorado potato beetle and larvae are equally dangerous. Pests drink juice, eat leaves. In the absence of a struggle, you can lose the entire crop of potatoes. The loss of 80% of tops and leaves on potato bushes leads to their inevitable death.

Environmentally friendly remedies

For two reasons, it is necessary to be careful when spraying potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle during flowering:

  1. The first reason is taking care of insect pollinators. Beetle control products can adversely affect bees, wasps, and bumblebees.
  2. The second reason is our health. Agronomists believe that the poisonous substances that got on the potato leaves during flowering affect the quality and ecological purity of the potato tubers being formed.

The reasons why potatoes should not be sprayed with chemistry during the flowering period are understandable. But the problem remains, the beetles multiply, the crop dies. What to do? The main thing is not to give up at this time, take jars of water in them and go to the potato field to cheerfully collect larvae and adult beetles. Yellow-striped bugs are clearly visible on young green tops.

While migrating, beetles will not attack your field if potatoes are treated with a solution with a high concentration of nicotine during flowering. They began to process potatoes in such an original way a long time ago. The pest does not tolerate nicotine, and the solution is easy to prepare.

In the nearest store you need to buy 10 packs of cigarettes. The cheaper the cigarettes, the better. Pour all the tobacco into a bucket of water and leave for two days in a dark place. Before processing the potatoes, stir 40 g of grated laundry soap in the infusion.

Ash will help

Ashes can be found at any cottage. Carry out processing in the early morning. The first time before the formation of buds, the second time when the potato field begins to bloom, later - every two weeks. Potatoes, if the weather is dry, water over the tops the night before. Scatter ash on the ground around each bush, sprinkle it thickly on potato leaves.

When potatoes bloom, ash infusion saves from the pest. In a 10-liter bucket, it must be sown exactly 2 liters. Grate a pack of laundry soap into the ash infusion so that it sticks better to the tops. Early morning and early evening are considered good times for spraying. There should be no wind and rain during operation.

At any dacha, you can find raw materials for the preparation of a deterrent solution. Infusions are prepared from onion husks, celandine, red ground pepper. Removing stepchildren on tomato bushes, you can not throw them away, but use them to fight insects. If you pour hot water over them at night, then the infusion will be ready in the morning.


If chemistry cannot be used during the flowering of potatoes, then when it can be used to successfully poison the pest without harm to your health. It must be said right away that when growing early ripe potatoes, even after flowering, you should use chemistry with caution.

It is clear why:

  • ultra-early and early potato varieties can be added to food 45-50 days after planting;
  • the concentration of systemic chemicals in tubers is high on days 45–50, since their disintegration period lasts longer.

Early potatoes can be sprayed with biological agents. They are made from a certain type of bacteria. The insect dies under their action, bacteria destroy its digestive tract. Funds are in demand:

  • Fitoverm.
  • Batsikol.
  • Agravertine.
  • Dendrobacillin.

During the growing season, spray the tops three times, carry out treatments at weekly intervals. The accumulation of harmful substances in potatoes does not occur. Already on the 5th day after being sprayed, it can be eaten without any consequences.

Systemic and contact drugs

Late and mid-late potato varieties are harvested from the field quite late, so it is permissible to use chemistry from the beetle. Apply it exactly according to the instructions, do not forget about personal protective equipment.

Potato fields treated with systemic drugs are under their protection for a long time. Insects are not addictive; they die after three times treatment. There are many systemic drugs, the instructions should be carefully studied before purchasing. Pay attention to the decay period... Popular remedies for beetles and larvae:

  • Corado.
  • Prestige.
  • Confidor.
  • Colorado.

The next group of chemicals is contact means: "Match", "Aktara", "Decis". Pests die if a poisonous agent is sprayed directly on them. These preparations do not accumulate in the tops and are instantly washed off in rainy weather. Insects are addicted to the drugs of this group, so they alternate.


There are no universal preparations for the destruction of the pest. But, since domestic and foreign scientists are actively working on the problem, sooner or later it will be solved. We will receive an effective drug for beetles that does not harm us. For today, you need to use the tools that are on sale. Process potatoes, protecting yourself with a respirator and rubber gloves, eat it only after the expiration date specified in the instructions.

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