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Potato "Ryabinushka": variety description and cultivation features

Potato "Ryabinushka": variety description and cultivation features

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Potatoes "Ryabinushka" compares favorably with many varieties of Russian and foreign selection for its high productivity, excellent taste, and also very stable indicators of keeping quality. The originator of the variety is the Vsevolozhskaya selection station.

Grade characteristics

Potato Ryabinushka is included in the State Register of Russia and recommended for cultivation in the Northern, North-Western, Central and Middle Volga regions. Shrub of medium height, but rather tall plants with an intermediate type of growth, semi-upright can also form. The whisk of flowers has violet-blue coloring. Leaves - from medium to large, open, dark green in color.

Root crops have a smooth red skin. Eyes are small. The shape of the root crops is oval. The average weight of the root crop is not more than 135 g. The pulp of this type of potato has a beige-cream color and contains starch at the level of 11.9-15%. A variety of mid-early ripening. The period from seedlings to technical maturity can vary from two to three months. A variety of table use. Taste is very good. The maximum yield reaches 396 kg / ha.

The value of the Ryabinushka variety, in addition to high productivity and excellent quality of tubers, are marketability at the level of 86-96% and keeping quality up to 90%. The variety is characterized by resistance to the pathogen of potato cancer and golden potato cyst-forming nematode. Description varieties VNII phytopathology characterizes Potatoes "Ryabinushka" as a variety with moderate susceptibility to late blight.

How to plant potatoes

Planting potatoes

Description of the variety, as well as characteristic characteristics of Ryabinushka potatoes, allow the cultivation of this vegetable crop using seed material, as well as sprouted potato tubers.

Seed potatoes of this variety are recommended to be placed after perennial grasses, as well as winter crops. Good precursors for potatoes are legumes, annual herbs, and flax.

Landing should be carried out according to the following requirements:

  • the soil at the time of potato planting should warm well to a depth of at least 10 cm to about 10 ºC;
  • the best planting material are tubers weighing from 70 to 90 g, obtained from absolutely healthy and productive bushes;
  • planting material must be placed in a bright place for germination, subject to a temperature regime of 12-15 ºC;
  • tubers are ready for planting after the formation of sufficiently thick and strong shoots with a length of about 1-1.5 cm;
  • to protect against diseases, it is recommended to place the tubers for 20 minutes in a 1% solution of boric acid;
  • the soil should be dug up onto the bayonet of a shovel, turning the earthen layer and applying about 3 kg of quality humus and 0.1 kg of wood ash per 1 m².

When planting potato tubers on a site represented by clay soil, the depth of immersion of planting material should not exceed 4.5-5.5 cm, and when planting in sandy or sandy soil, tubers should be immersed by about 10.5-12.0 cm. heavy soils it is recommended to apply the method of planting potatoes on earthen ridges.

Care Features

The complex of measures for caring for potatoes of the Ryabinushka variety depends on climatic conditions, as well as soil fertility at the growing site and the phase of plant development.

Measures for the care of potatoes Ryabinushka must begin to be carried out a week after planting:

  • the first activity to be performed on potato plantings is the removal of weeds, followed by loosening of the soil;
  • after the transition of the growing season to the budding stage, it is very important to maintain the soil in a wet state, conducting irrigation measures if necessary;
  • at least two hills should be carried out, which will improve the air permeability of the soil and increase the tuber-forming ability of the plant;
  • with high-quality pre-planting soil filling with fertilizers throughout the season there is no need to feed, as an overabundance of certain substances can degrade the quality of potatoes.

To protect potato plantings from the most common and harmful diseases, as well as plant parasites, it is recommended to carry out processing by such means as Prestige, Aktara or "Confidor".

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the varietal characteristics of the Galaxy potato.

Reviews of vegetable growers

Potatoes "Ryabinushka" is characterized by potato growers only on the positive side and has a large number of good reviews. The variety is distinguished by excellent taste, very starchy, and also retains its taste in heat exposure. Very good results are observed when growing the first reproduction of potatoes of this variety. Root crops grow very neat and even, excellent yield is observed, and all tubers in the nest are not very large, medium in size, without grinding.

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