Using the method of I. M. Maslov to increase tomato productivity

Using the method of I. M. Maslov to increase tomato productivity

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A little more than 30 years ago, in the telecasts “You Can Do It” and “Housekeeping,” the Moscow Region engineer I. M. Maslov demonstrated an innovative method of growing tomatoes. Many vegetable growers have successfully tested this method in their gardens, and it is still in demand due to its reliability and effectiveness.

Method principle

The method of using the planting area as wisely as possible and saving on the number of seedlings grown is not new, but all the time has been causing genuine interest among gardeners. This method of cultivating heat-loving tomatoes is particularly relevant in the northern regions, where it is very important to effectively use every meter of a limited heated area for growing vegetable crops.

The principle is based on the rational use of the potential in plants, which is less than half used in standard growing methods. Tomatoes have an excellent natural ability to release additional roots along almost the entire length of the stem. In its infancy, such a root system is noticeable in the form of small tubercles on the shoot.

If you use these roots, they are very quickly included in the overall nutrition system of the tomato bush, which has a beneficial effect on fruiting, thereby increasing yield. The yield increase on low-growing varieties can be 300%, and on tall plants it increases by 10 times.

How to grow tomatoes according to the method of I.M. Maslova

Proper planting seedlings

Greenhouse tomato seedlings should be dived once. When growing seedlings in room conditions, it is recommended to dive with deepening three times. This opportunity appears when sowing prepared seeds in the last decade of February. During each pick, the lower leaves should be removed. and deepen the seedling as much as possible, which will allow the plant to develop a powerful root system.

The cultivation of tomatoes by the method of I. M. Maslov begins with a method of planting seedlings that is not quite usual for vegetable growers. Landing in a permanent place is carried out not in the vertical direction, but "lying down". The plant should be located from north to south. Stacked horizontally part of the stem should be freed from leaves. It is important to make a fairly large distance between the plants to be planted.

Important features of the method

The use of lower stepchildren as an additional source of nutrients is very important. Such stepsons should not be removed, and when they reach a sufficient length they must be bent to the ground and sprinkled with a layer of soil 10 cm thick.

Powdered by soil, stepchildren take root very quickly, gain strength and become almost autonomous tomato bushes, on which abundant fruiting occurs in the immediate vicinity of the soil. Thus, it is possible to reduce the need for pinching and tying plants, as well as to increase productivity.

Principles of care

The main measures for the care of tomatoes are standard and do not have significant differences from conventional methods of cultivating tomato bushes:

  • fertilizers in the form of superphosphates and nitroammophoski should be applied as the growth and development of tomato bushes;
  • to increase productivity, it is recommended to feed the plants with a solution of liquid mullein or nettle infusion;
  • watering should be done under the root or in the canary method, in which water enters the root system of the plants through grooves dug along the tomato bushes;
  • the presence of a powerful root system eliminates the need to carry out herding of tomato bushes;
  • break out should only damaged, wilted or diseased leaves that are redundant for a tomato bush;
  • to suspend stems and large fruits that can break the stem, it is recommended to use elastic bands from an old bicycle chamber 3 mm wide.

Subject to these basic rules, the result will be noticeable very quickly, and productivity will increase several times. Igor Mikhailovich Maslov described in detail his method of growing and caring for tomatoes in the book "Inventing for the joy of people."

Reviews of vegetable growers

To use the method effectively, the nature of the tomato should be considered. It is important to give preference to tall varieties, which are 70-80% more productive than their undersized counterparts. The Maslov method, according to most vegetable growers, really deserves attention and therefore is widely practiced. The main mistake when planting plants using this method is too close, standard, the distance between plants, which significantly thickens the planting and reduces the yield. To achieve an optimal result, you should leave a distance between plants of at least 0.9-1 m.

Tomato growing technology

In areas with an unstable climate and short summers, good yield on ridges in open ground conditions can hardly be obtained without additional warming. It is necessary to use at least an elementary film shelter for plants. Thus, it will be possible to sharply increase productivity on a limited land plot and free up a significant area for growing other crops. In addition, the cultivation of tomatoes according to the method of I. M. Maslov in a personal plot is promising and it will not require additional material costs.