The best, largest and most productive varieties of low-growing tomatoes

The best, largest and most productive varieties of low-growing tomatoes

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Low-growing tomatoes are preferred by many gardeners. There are more advantages to growing them than disadvantages. Dwarf bushes give high yields of large tomatoes. Therefore, vegetable growers are sowing determinants.

Benefits of low-growing tomatoes

For undersized tomatoes, it is characteristic that they:

  • rarely reach a meter in height;
  • do not require pinning;
  • mature earlier than indeterminants;
  • after the appearance of five to seven inflorescences, the fruits begin to fill with ripeness;
  • give the harvest together.

Determinants - the most resistant to disease, are resistant to low temperatures. Determinant species include plants that have dense lateral shoots. The resulting stem does not need tying and pinching. In semi-determinant tomatoes, the top of the stem can reach more than 120 centimeters. Therefore, it is pinched at the level of eighty to ninety centimeters. Then the fruiting will accelerate, and the yield will increase. Superdeterminants have a short growing season. Giving ripe fruits, they will not re-form ovaries.

To choose the right tomato varieties, you need to know their main qualities and in what conditions they will manifest themselves better.

What are the seeds of a tomato fruitful and undersized

Every gardener wants to collect large harvests, so you need to purchase tomato seeds for growing, which will delight you with the number of fruits:

  1. The fruits of the Siberian Troika are valued for their sugary taste and versatility. Pepper tomatoes have a deep red color, weighing 350 grams. From one bush, sixty centimeters high, you can collect five kilograms of excellent fruits. On the first brush, tomatoes ripen, reaching a length of fifteen centimeters.
  2. Juicy tomatoes weighing one to two hundred grams adorn the ballerina's bushes. Fans of pink pear-shaped fruits will suit this variety. The height of the bush is sixty centimeters, tomatoes ripen after 100-105 days. Six to seven kilograms of tomatoes are harvested from one square meter.
  3. Carpal determinant Moscow pear grows in open ground up to eighty centimeters, in greenhouse - up to a meter. Pepper fruits are fleshy and tasty. With a yield of four to five kilograms from a bush, many pickles are prepared from tomatoes for the winter.
  4. The standard plants include the Buyan variety, or the Fighter. Its stem is less than fifty centimeters. Not picky, bears fruit well on light and fertile soils. Tomato tolerates drought, is resistant to viruses and fungi. Slightly elongated oval fruits from early ones, as they appear 95-100 days after germination. There are two types - red and yellow. Gardeners collect up to nine kilograms of delicious tomatoes from one square meter.
  5. The compactness of the bush is the Rocker tomato. Plum-like red tomatoes reach a weight of one hundred grams and ripen 100-105 days after the first shoots appear. The variety represents high-yielding plants, because four to five kilograms of fruit are harvested from one bush.
  6. Late varieties are represented by the Mushroom Basket. The stem height is more than a meter, so the top must be pinched. The shape of the fruits is interesting, they are strongly ribbed, they look like a basket, which is clear from the name. The weight of each fruit is 250-350 grams, and the pulp of a tomato is so tender and sweet that many summer residents grow them. With good care, the tomato will delight you with large fruits of half a kilogram.
  7. The Sanka variety is chosen by farmers for planting, since the yield reaches fifteen kilograms per square meter. Tomatoes are easy to care for with the help of machines, since the bushes are undersized, no more than half a meter. And the fruits give a red color weighing 80 grams.
  8. Early ripe tomatoes Little Red Riding Hood, or Rotkappchen, came to us from German breeders. The maximum height of the bushes of forty centimeters allows you not to tie them up. Fruits weighing one hundred grams are characterized by light ribbing and excellent taste. A juicy purple pulp is hidden under a thin, smooth skin. Consistently high fruiting gives two to three kilograms of tomato from one bush. New items are popular among farmers. On their fields, they produce thirty tons of tomatoes per hectare in excellent marketable condition.

High yields are famous not only for early ripening varieties, but also with late ripening periods.

Which determinants are suitable for open ground

Not all tomatoes bear fruit well outdoors. They must be cold-resistant, because the weather in some regions changes dramatically in summer. And in the garden, the soil is more difficult to process from pathogenic fungi and viruses. Therefore, it is better to sow undersized plants.

Tomatoes are popular among summer residents:

  • Watercolor with red elongated fruits;
  • Golden Stream, famous for its excellent tasting orange and yellow fruits;
  • super early Red Fang, ideal for canning;
  • with fruits of tomato flavor Supermodel;
  • Abakan pink, without which no summer salad is complete;
  • continuous fruiting until the very frost Aztec with small yellow fruits;
  • The explosion is cold-resistant, therefore it is grown in the northern regions;
  • late-ripening Eldorado, delighting with delicious pink tomatoes weighing more than one hundred grams.

All of the low tomatoes give stable yields, together, bear fruit at the same time. They can become a decoration of the site due to the compactness of the bush, bright green leaves, rich colors of fruits.

Greenhouse undersized tomatoes

In greenhouses and greenhouses, it is easy to grow undersized varieties of tomatoes. They will not take up much space, because up to six or seven bushes can be placed on one square meter.

The early varieties are valued for the fact that under the film they produce tomatoes at the beginning of summer.

The Alaska variety ripens before anyone else. The short stem does not even reach half a meter in height. And the sweet-tasting fruits are good in summer salads. They will fill the lack of vitamins in the body after a long winter. The plant is not afraid of diseases, which include cladosporia, tobacco mosaic, fusarium wilting. After 90-100 days after the first shoots, they collect clusters of red tomatoes weighing up to 95 grams.

Early ripeness is characteristic of tomatoes. Riddle - the fruits ripen after 82 days. The excellent taste of tomatoes weighing one hundred grams allows them to be used fresh and canned. The fruits retain their presentation without cracking. They are not afraid of excess moisture, drought.

Fancy bunches of fleshy tomatoes weighing up to three hundred grams from the Raja variety. Juicy fleshy, they look decorative on the branches and are pleasant to the taste.

Large tomatoes, reaching a kilogram in a greenhouse, in the Pink Honey variety. These are the sweetest tomatoes, as the name suggests. They belong to the mid-late species, require competent care, protection from diseases and pests.

Hazelnut tomatoes are interesting in color. Round, slightly flattened fruits weighing three hundred grams, red with yellow stripes and a sweet taste have long been loved by gardeners. They look original in salads, in preparations for the winter.

Balcony varieties

The most compact tomato bushes are suitable for growing on balconies, loggias, window sills. Tall tomatoes cannot fit in a city apartment. But the best varieties of undersized, give stable yields in such conditions. Among them:

  1. In a self-pollinating hybrid, the Balcony Miracle, the bush does not grow above forty centimeters. Of the undersized tomatoes, it is the most productive. Two kilograms of fragrant and sweet fruits are harvested from one plant.
  2. Low bushes of White filling bear fruit well in a balcony and give from one square meter to seven kilograms of round red tomatoes. Due to their resistance to cracking, fruits are used for canning for the winter.
  3. Betalux is immediately planted in the ground, and after germination of seedlings, after 95 days, the first tomatoes, sweet and fleshy, are removed. The variety is cold-resistant, not afraid of drought.
  4. Tomato Bogataya Khata is famous for its disease resistance. The compactness of the bush 45 centimeters high allows you to plant the variety in tubs, pots on the windowsill.
  5. And tomato Bonsai is ideal for a windowsill, a small balcony, because the bushes reach 25 centimeters in height, but yield a yield of three or more kilograms. And dense red tomatoes weighing thirty grams will decorate a festive and everyday table in the middle of summer.
  6. The dwarf heights of the Yellow Cap bushes will yield in 85 days. And the fruits to match the growth of only twenty grams.
  7. Even in hanging pots, the Garden Pearl is grown. Tomato bears fruit for a long time, tomatoes are all equally round and weigh twenty grams. Up to three hundred of them can be located on one brush.

These tomato varieties are in demand among city dwellers who do not have the opportunity to garden on their plots.

What varieties give multi-colored tomatoes

Most often, tomatoes produce red or pink fruits. They are good for humans. They contain a lot of lycopene, which prevents the development of cancer cells, aging of the body. Yellow and orange tomatoes are not new on our table for a long time. Among the undersized varieties, the most delicious varieties are of the Duckling type. Glossy fruits of a rounded shape with a spout enter the ripeness stage orange.

In the open field, the Persimmon hybrid grows up to eighty centimeters. A mid-early tomato pleases with golden tomatoes, which can be collected up to three to four kilograms from a bush.

Black fruits of the Gypsy variety. It belongs to superdeterminants, since its height is a little more than a meter. Chocolate-colored tomatoes bear fruit better in the greenhouse. They tolerate transportation well, are suitable for fresh consumption, and delicious sauces are prepared from them for the winter.

Almost black tomatoes in the Basque Blue variety. The semi-determinate type of plant produces clusters of six or eight fruits. Fruits of even rounded shape and weighing one hundred grams are rich in anthocyanin. The substance has bactericidal properties, has a positive effect on the state of vision.

The Black Moor tomato bears fruit after 115-118 days. The height of the bush in a meter. The yield of the variety is high - up to six kilograms per square meter.

The variety of determinate tomatoes allows the cultivation of both large-fruited tomatoes and miniature cherry tomatoes.

When to plant low-growing tomatoes and how to care for them

Sowing tomatoes begins 60-65 days before planting in open ground or a greenhouse. Sow only tomato varieties that are suitable for the climatic conditions of the area where you live. Sow tomatoes for seedlings in late March or early April. The seeds undergo a hardening and disinfection process. So that the seedlings appear faster, the seed bag is dipped into a growth stimulator.

Planting tomatoes in the ground takes place after the soil has been disinfected. The containers with the plant are placed in a well-lit place, creating a room temperature of 20-25 degrees.

When the threat of frost has passed completely, the seedlings of low-growing tomatoes are transferred to beds in open ground or a greenhouse. The ideal date for planting tomatoes is early or mid-May. They are planted in greenhouse soil two weeks earlier. To prevent the plants from being exposed to cold weather, they are covered with paper caps.

Caring for tomatoes consists of:

  • moderate watering;
  • top dressing every two weeks, alternating the application of organic and mineral fertilizers;
  • a garter, if a large number of large fruits have formed on the stem;
  • pinching the apex in superdeterminants.

To achieve early harvests from undersized tomatoes, then varieties are selected of this type with a description of their qualities.

For warm areas, you can skip sowing tomatoes for seedlings, the plants will ripen well even when planted directly in open ground or in a greenhouse. The landing pattern is common for determinants: 50x50 or 60x60 centimeters. Six to seven plants can be placed on one square meter. In a small area, stunted tomatoes have enough nutrients to give full yields.

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