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Potato "Ballad": mid-season and very productive variety

Potato "Ballad": mid-season and very productive variety

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Potato "Ballad" refers to mid-season varieties of tableware. The variety is able to demonstrate high productivity and form high-quality tubers even in adverse weather and climatic conditions.

Grade description

As a rule, gardeners are primarily interested in the description of the variety, because it allows one to evaluate the prospects of plant cultivation in a personal plot.

Bushes of Ballad potatoes are very powerful and are characterized by strong growth, as well as good foliage. The average height of one bush is about 0.8 m. The tubers are uniform in shape, oval, medium in size or rather large, covered with a smooth, light, whitish skin. Eyes are superficial. Potato tubers have a pale yellow, creamy color, flesh.

Advantages and disadvantages

Potato called “Ballad” is one of the very productive and forms a powerful nest in the ground, filled with a large number of large one-dimensional tubers. The variety has other advantages:

  • excellent taste: potatoes are great for cooking in many ways, including frying;
  • complex resistance to late blight and many viral diseases;
  • high productivity per square meter of sown area;
  • excellent keeping quality of the harvested crop without compromising on taste and marketability.

On average, from each bush, with proper care, it is possible to collect from 8 to 20 large tubers, the weight of which most often exceeds 115 grams.

Potato "Ballad": harvesting

Dates and features of landing

When planting Ballada varietal potatoes in May or the first decade of June, the main harvest will be in August or early September. Propagation of the plant is beneficial to carry true or botanical seed material, which reduces the cost of preservation of planting material.

Planting botanical seed material in the form of seed tuber allows you to get potatoes that are completely free from various diseases. The tubers thus obtained the next year provide yields of the order of 250 kg per hundred square meters of land when 12 kg of potatoes are used as planting material. Tubers should be planted with a distance of 25-45 cm, deepening them by about 5-6 cm.

In the autumn period, when digging a plot for growing potatoes, it is necessary to introduce rotted manure into the soil. In the spring it is very important to make a mixture of peat and sand for planting at the rate of 10 kg per square meter of area. Potato varieties "Ballad" can be cultivated in such ways as trench, smooth and comb.

Timely and correct measures for the care of potatoes after planting are a prerequisite for obtaining a large and high-quality crop. Caring for potato plantings is absolutely not difficult, but there are several rules that are mandatory to help you get a high yield.

  1. On large landing areas, harrowing the soil is best one week after planting potato tubers.
  2. Watering is one of the important factors that have a significant impact on the yield and quality of potatoes. In an arid summer, just three waterings are enough.
  3. Potatoes are very responsive to conducting mixed dressings with both organic and various mineral fertilizers. For the season, it is advisable to carry out three dressings.
  4. When pollinating potato tops with ordinary wood ash, gardeners have a great opportunity to reduce the risk of damage to bushes by the Colorado potato beetle, and also to prevent rotting of plants in conditions of high humidity.

It is very important to keep the potato planting clean and to carry out regular weeding followed by shallow loosening. If it is correct and timely to spud potato plantings, then it is possible to improve productivity by almost 30%. In the Non-Black Earth Region, it is most profitable to harvest this potato variety no later than the first decade of August, which allows you to get a high, and most importantly, high-quality crop.

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Reviews of gardeners

It is very difficult to choose the most worthy potato variety that you would like by all indicators. Reviews of gardeners who cultivate several varieties on personal plots characterize the Ballad variety very positively. The summer residents of this variety are satisfied with the productivity of this variety, and the taste qualities of the harvested crop too.

Potato Variety Selection

Judging by the reviews of vegetable growers who cultivated potatoes of this variety from seed material from the SeDeK agricultural company, in the second year of cultivation each bucket of seed potatoes allowed to obtain four buckets of the crop. Potato tubers pleasantly surprise both in appearance and in taste. All potatoes grow even and large enough. They do not boil, in the finished form they are very fragrant and tasty.