Potato "Aurora": variety description and cultivation features

Potato "Aurora": variety description and cultivation features

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The ripening potatoes "Aurora" belong to the table varieties. Bred in 2006. The grade description is given by the patent holder, which is Vsevolozhskaya selection station CJSC. The variety is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation for the Northern, North-Western and Central regions of cultivation and is intended for cultivation in the Northern, North-Western, Central, Volga-Vyatka, Central Black Earth, North Caucasian, Middle Volga and Far Eastern regions.

Varietal characteristic

Bushes are high, leaf type, semi-erect. Large floral corolla, reddish-violet color. Oval, fairly large tubers. The average weight of potatoes is 93.5-128.5 grams. The tuber peel is smooth. The eyes are quite small. Peeling is partially reddish. Creamy flesh. Contains 14.1-17.2% starch. The period from emergence to technical maturity is 80-85 days. A variety of tableware. The taste qualities of root vegetables are excellent. Commercial quality is high.

Advantages and disadvantages

Potatoes of the Aurora variety are appreciated by gardeners for the following advantages:

  • the maximum yield level reaches 415.5 c / ha;
  • commodity grade data at the level of 85-90%;
  • keeping potato tubers is 94%;
  • increased resistance to the pathogen of potato cancer;
  • increased resistance to golden potato cyst nematode;
  • great taste;
  • boiled potato friable;
  • Attractive look of tubers.

The variety description guarantees moderate susceptibility of potato tops and root crops to late blight.

What kind of potato to choose

Dates and features of landing

Aurora potato tubers should be prepared for planting in the fall. Landscaped material should be stored until spring in a shaded place. It is necessary to lay potato tubers for germination approximately 30-35 days before planting in open ground. It is forbidden to plant potato tubers germinated in dark and warm rooms.

The technology for the spring planting of Aurora potatoes is as follows:

  1. When digging, approximately 15-20 g of ammonium nitrate or 10-15 g of urea for each square meter of the area should be introduced into the soil;
  2. An important condition for high productivity during cultivation of this variety is the presence of a sufficiently deep arable layer, which stimulates a good and high-quality development of the potato root system.
  3. Planting is carried out with treated tubers with sufficient heating of the soil on a personal plot allocated for growing potatoes.

The highest productivity of Aurora potatoes is observed when grown on floodplain, as well as sod-podzolic, medium loamy or light loamy, as well as loamy soils with a neutral or slightly alkaline reaction.

Care Rules

To obtain a high crop of potatoes of the Aurora variety, it is not enough to properly plant. You must follow the basic rules for caring for this vegetable crop:

  • Prior to the mass emergence of seedlings, a double harrowing of the plantings with a metal rake should be carried out;
  • after the emergence of seedlings and they reach a height of 5 centimeters, the soil between the potato bushes is treated with a hoe to a depth of not more than 10 cm;
  • after the height of the plants reaches 12-14 cm, mandatory hilling is carried out, stimulating the appearance of additional stolons and improving the formation of tubers;
  • in case of insufficient pre-planting soil filling with fertilizers, it is recommended to carry out three dressings using slurry or a solution based on bird droppings;
  • mineral fertilizers are recommended to be scattered in row-spacings and to close up in soil with the help of a hoe;
  • in the absence of regular watering, any fertilizer is applied immediately after rain;
  • This variety reacts very poorly to the formation of soil crust, therefore, it should be eliminated in a timely manner through shallow loosening.

The optimal time for harvesting potatoes corresponds to the time of withering and dying of the aerial parts of the plant, including leaves and stems. A set of agricultural practices and care measures should include actions aimed at preventing the infection of plants by diseases, as well as the spread of viral or any other infection in the garden.

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Reviews of gardeners

It should be noted that the Aurora potatoes are consistently receiving high marks and positive reviews from gardeners. Potatoes of this variety are characterized by high productivity, about 30 tubers in one nest, and a beautiful appearance of aligned root crops. Potatoes have excellent taste and friability when cooking. The variety showed excellent results in heat treatment and is not only good at cooking and frying, but also suitable for salads and mashed potatoes.

Many potato growers note an increase in the yield of this variety when mulching plantings with dry straw or hay. The variety is perfectly adapted to cultivation even in insufficiently favorable conditions. Weather changes and climatic conditions very rarely have a negative impact. In addition, potatoes of this variety are extremely rarely affected by diseases and practically do not need to use strong chemicals for processing, which makes the resulting vegetable products as useful and environmentally friendly as possible.

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