Quick step-by-step recipes for quick cooking of lightly salted tomatoes in a bag in 5 minutes

Quick step-by-step recipes for quick cooking of lightly salted tomatoes in a bag in 5 minutes

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Housewives do not always have a desire to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. But at the same time, you still want to pamper your household. In this case, preference is given to recipes that do not take much time and effort. Cooking lightly salted tomatoes in a bag will only take a few minutes, but this dish will definitely be appreciated by all family members. While the tomatoes are cooking, the hostess can rest or do other things.

The subtleties of cooking lightly salted tomatoes in a bag

To make the tomatoes tasty and aromatic, you should adhere to certain recommendations:

  • For pickling, vegetables of approximately the same size are used.
  • You need to pick up ripe fruits, but not soft.
  • Many vegetables are not put into one plastic bag, they simply will not be salted evenly.
  • A cruciform cut is made on the top of each tomato so that the tomatoes are salted out faster.

Purchased tomatoes should be pierced with a toothpick at the stalk and put in cold water for an hour. Thanks to this simple procedure, some of the nitrates will be removed.

Overripe and unripe tomatoes are not suitable for salting. The fruit should be moderately ripe.

How to choose and prepare the main ingredient

For cooking tomatoes in a bag, take strong, dense fruits, approximately the same size. Deformed and green tomatoes should not be used for pickling. Vegetables should also be removed, which have a greenish area near the stalk, they will not be salted well, and they will be firm.

Pour the vegetables into a bowl, cover with cold water and leave for an hour. After this time, they are washed, laid out on a towel and dried.

How to cook lightly salted tomatoes in sachets at home

In the culinary notebook of each housewife, there is probably her own. A time-tested recipe for lightly salted tomatoes. Cooking vegetables in a bag is very popular as it is a great option to quickly prepare pickles. Packaged tomatoes can be salted with other vegetables and spices. In this case, they are impregnated with the scent of each other.

Cooking lightly salted tomatoes quickly in 5 minutes step by step

Salted vegetables in a dry plastic bag will become a highlight of the table and will please the whole family. To prepare pickle take:

  • Tomatoes - 1 kg.
  • Salt - a tablespoon.
  • Sugar - 2 teaspoons.
  • Garlic and dill to taste.

Prepared tomatoes are put in a clean cellophane bag, salt, sugar and spices are poured into it, and then tied. Now shake the bag well so that the spices are evenly dispersed. You need to salt tomatoes for at least a day. To do this, they are left at room temperature.

Small fruits will be salted faster than large ones. If pickles are needed in a day, then you should take small tomatoes.

Lightly salt tomatoes for 2 hours in the refrigerator for the winter

You can make delicious pickled tomatoes quickly. Prescriptions take:

  • Tomatoes - 1.5 kg.
  • Salt is a tablespoon.
  • Sugar is a teaspoon.
  • Garlic - 3-4 cloves.
  • Parsley and dill.
  • Peppercorns.

The fruits are cut from the side of the stalk, making a cap. The greens and garlic are cut, salted and the tomatoes are stuffed with the resulting mass. Put the tomatoes in a deep bowl, add salt, sugar and the rest of the greens. Then mix gently.

Place the bowl in a plastic bag and leave for 2 hours at room temperature. After this time, the tomatoes are put in glass jars and poured with cold brine made from a liter of water, a tablespoon of salt, sugar and two tablespoons of vinegar. Close the jar with a nylon lid. Cold-cooked tomatoes are stored in the refrigerator.

With bell pepper

Delicious salting is obtained with bell pepper. To prepare pickled tomatoes, take the following products:

  • Tomatoes - 1 kg.
  • Bulgarian pepper - 300 grams.
  • Sugar and salt - a tablespoon each.
  • Chopped garlic - dessert spoon.
  • Dill greens.

The tomatoes are cut at the stalk, the peppers are peeled and cut into 4 pieces in length. All products specified in the recipe are put in a plastic bag and mixed. Leave for two days, and then move to the refrigerator. To make such a pickle, you need to spend no more than 10 minutes, however, you can eat the dish only in a day.

With cucumbers

Tomatoes can be pickled in a bag at the same time as cucumbers. In this case, one-day vegetables are obtained. This snack is good to prepare before the weekend to pamper your family over a family dinner. You will need the following products:

  • Cucumbers and tomatoes - 1 kg each.
  • Sweet pepper - 1 piece.
  • Garlic - 4 cloves.
  • Sugar is a tablespoon.
  • Salt - 2 tablespoons.
  • Greens.

The edges are cut off from cucumbers, from tomatoes the stem is cut out with the tip of a knife. Vegetables are placed in a tight bag and sprinkled with spices. After that, mix and leave for a couple of days in the room.

Place the bag of vegetables in a plate or bowl. This will prevent the juice from dripping onto the table.

With basil and garlic

The taste of such pickled tomatoes will impress gourmets. To prepare pickle take:

  • Tomatoes - 2 kg.
  • Basil and dill - in a small bunch.
  • Garlic is the head.
  • Salt - 2 tablespoons.
  • Sugar is a tablespoon.
  • Peppercorns - 4 pieces.

Tomatoes are cut near the stalk and put in a bag. Chop the greens and garlic with a knife, then pour them over the tomatoes. Add the rest of the ingredients to the bag and shake it well. Salted tomatoes are left in the room for a day, after which they are hidden in the refrigerator.

With vinegar

The original ambassador of tomatoes in a bag with vinegar. Such tomatoes can be eaten within 5-6 hours after salting. The following products are needed:

  • Tomatoes - 1 kg.
  • Salt and sugar - a tablespoon each.
  • Vinegar - 30 ml.
  • Herbs and spices to taste.

Tomatoes are cut crosswise near the stalk, put in a plastic bag, add spices and mix.

With garlic and dill

Tomatoes with garlic and dill, cooked in a plastic bag, will be an excellent appetizer for meat. To prepare the pickle, you will need products:

  • Tomatoes - 1.5 kg.
  • Dill - 50 grams.
  • Garlic - 1 head.
  • Salt is a tablespoon.
  • Sugar - 2 teaspoons.
  • Pepper.

Chop the greens and garlic finely and pour into a bowl. Tomatoes cut from above, salt, sugar and peppercorns are also added there. Mix everything and place the bowl in the bag. The cellophane bag is tightly tied and left on the table for a day.

Cherry tomatoes with garlic

Cherry tomatoes are often used to decorate salads. In order for them to acquire a spicy taste, they can be pre-marinated. For the preparation of salting take:

  • Cherry - 0.5 kg.
  • Salt is a heaped teaspoon.
  • Sugar is a teaspoon.
  • Garlic - 5-6 cloves.
  • Greens to taste.

Chop the garlic and herbs, mix with tomatoes and sprinkle with salt and sugar. Spread in a plastic bag, tied tightly and left for 4 hours at room temperature.

Further storage

Tomatoes cooked in a plastic bag cannot be stored for a long time, even in the refrigerator. If you want to preserve the taste of summer longer, they are transferred to a jar, poured with hot brine and corked.

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