Description of the Afen tomato variety, its cultivation and care

Description of the Afen tomato variety, its cultivation and care

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Afen tomatoes are grown in summer cottages and in large farms. The tomato was added to the state register of the Russian Federation in 2011. The first generation hybrid is recommended for indoor use, but can be cultivated without shelter. For salad purposes, it is eaten fresh and stored well. Reviews of experienced gardeners are mostly positive for this variety.

Varietal features

Afen tomatoes are the result of the work of French breeders. Plants are indeterminate, in need of shrub formation, pinching and support. The inflorescences are complex, the internodes are short, the green dense foliage is good protection from the sun and bad weather.

The main characteristics of the fruit:

  • skin color is raspberry-pink, rounded, even shape;
  • with proper agricultural technology, yield from 1 sq. m. up to 9 kg;
  • on average, fruit weight 120 g (with good care up to 350 g);
  • resistant to cracking.

Ripening: early, early maturing. From the moment of planting seedlings in the ground and until harvesting, 60–65 days pass, from the first shoots to ripeness about a hundred days. The harvest on the bushes ripens at the same time. The tomato sets fruits at low and low temperatures. The pulp is multi-chamber, juicy, sweet.

In the description, resistance to the following diseases is noted: fusarium, fungal cladosporium, yellow curl virus, vertillae wilting, nematodes.

Preparing greenhouses for planting

The best predecessors are: cucumbers, legumes, crucifers, root vegetables. Afen tomato f1 is planted in a prepared greenhouse in early May. Plants must be vigorous and have at least three pairs of leaves.

The soil needs to be loose, capable of retaining moisture well. To obtain the desired consistency, add perlite, coarse river sand. The main constituents of the soil:

  • sod land;
  • rotted manure;
  • compost (vermicompost);
  • leavening agents;
  • garden land.

Ready soil for Afen tomatoes is laid in a greenhouse in summer or autumn.

Agricultural technology varieties

Bushes are planted at the rate of 3-4 units per 1 square meter. The distance between the bushes is 40 cm, the distance between the rows is 50 cm.

The indeterminate Afen tomato variety is formed into one stem. For this, lateral shoots are cut off - stepchildren, taking away a lot of nutrients. The procedure is carried out once every 10-15 days. Get rid of all the leaves under the lower flowering brush - this accelerates the formation and ripening of fruits. To stop growth and direct all forces to the fruit, pinch the top of the main stem. The action is performed one month before the end of the harvest.

To maintain seedlings in a greenhouse, top dressing is carried out. After 1-2 weeks after planting, spill a solution (for 10 liters of water):

  • 1 liter of liquid mullein;
  • 8 tbsp. l. ash (60 g);
  • 25-30 g superphosphate;
  • A pinch of manganese and boric acid.

With the onset of active flowering, tomatoes are supported with complex liquid fertilizer. During the formation of ovaries on the bushes, tomatoes are spilled with an ash solution with the addition of boric acid. The mixture is insisted for a day, 2 g of boric acid and 2 tbsp are taken for 10 liters of water. ash.

With the growth of fruits, tomatoes are fertilized with liquid sodium humate with superphosphate. A month before harvesting, feeding and watering are stopped. Anyone can get a beautiful Afen tomato that matches the descriptions and characteristics, even a novice gardener.

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