Description of the tomato variety Michael Pollan, cultivation features and care

Description of the tomato variety Michael Pollan, cultivation features and care

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When choosing seeds, fans of unusual flavors should pay attention to the Michael Pollan tomato. This variety combines high yield, extraordinary color and shape. What else is worth knowing about the plant?

Description of the variety

Michael Pollan belongs to the group of mid-season semi-determinant tomatoes. The average plant height is 1.2 m. So that the plant does not break under its own weight, and the nutrients are not wasted in vain, the bushes are tied to vertical supports and stepchildren. The most effective is the scheme of molding in 3-4 stems.

The shape of the fruit resembles a pear, in which the upper part is slightly elongated. The surface of the tomatoes is smooth, glossy. The color of ripe fruits is green-yellow with small stripes of green. When fulfilling agrotechnical requirements, the weight of the fruit varies from 60 to 100 g. The pulp is juicy, sweet, few seeds. Spicy unusual taste. During the season, 3 kg of tomatoes are harvested from one bush.

Thanks to their dense pulp, tomatoes are great for fresh consumption and canning whole fruits. The species is intended for cultivation in the open field.

Growing and care

Despite the unusualness, the Michael Pollan tomato variety does not need any special conditions. All you need to enjoy delicious tomatoes is regular care, which consists of simple manipulations:

  • Watering. Tomatoes do not belong to plants that are very demanding on moisture. So that the bushes do not experience a lack of moisture, one abundant watering per week will be enough for them. It is impossible to increase the frequency of moisture, and even more so to water the plants every day: excess moisture provokes the development of fungal diseases.
  • Picking. If the seeds were sown in one row without taking into account the required interval, the plants that have formed 2-3 true leaves are transplanted. Seedlings are planted on a garden bed or in a greenhouse at the age of 50–55 days.
  • Garter. Medium and tall varieties, to which Michael Pollan belongs, simply cannot do without support. Due to the growth and a large number of fruits, the bushes can simply break, which will lead to the loss of part of the crop. After the seedlings take root and get stronger, twigs are installed near it. The stems are tied to supports with twine or strips of nylon fabric.
  • Top dressing. Nutrients in the form of multicomponent mineral and organic fertilizers are applied under the tomatoes 3 times. Please note that in order for the description to correspond to reality, it is better to underfeed the bushes than overfeed.


The opinions on the rare variety left on the network are very ambiguous. Some gardeners praise the high yield and unusual taste, the second part expresses disappointment with the taste of fresh and canned fruits.

Did you grow the variety on your site? What impressions did the plant leave behind? Will you be growing it next year? Please leave feedback so that gardeners who want to experiment can make the right choice.

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