Description of the tomato variety Chocolate Amazon, its characteristics and yield

Description of the tomato variety Chocolate Amazon, its characteristics and yield

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A large-fruited, tall crop variety, the Chocolate Amazon tomato has earned the preference of summer residents due to its taste. Lovers of fresh salads will appreciate the unusual color of this type of fruit.

Description of the variety

To learn more about the characteristics of a tomato, you need to study the characteristics of plants. Thanks to this information, even a beginner will be able to get the declared yield.


  • Indeterminate.
  • Height 2 m.
  • Ripens in 115-125 days.


  • Rounded shape.
  • Color: brown or chocolate.
  • Weighing up to 300 g.
  • Taste: unusual, sweet, fruity and spicy.
  • Density: high.
  • It is stored for a long time, keeping its presentation.
  • There are many cameras.

Appreciate the Chocolate Amazon variety at its true worth, perhaps only after it grows on the site.


A seedling growing method is used. So the harvest ripens a few weeks earlier. Seeds are sown 2 months before the expected date of planting in a permanent place. Care for tomatoes must be carefully. Strong seedlings will yield a good harvest.

First of all, it is necessary to create conditions for favorable growth and development of plants:

  • Provide light for 14-16 hours a day.
  • The air temperature for the first 5 days is + 15-17 ⁰С. Then it is increased to + 20-22 ⁰С.
  • Watering regularly and in moderation. Do not overdry and fill.

Top dressing at least once, use complex fertilizers or growth stimulants. When the first 2 true leaves are formed, the tomatoes dive.

Hardening will reduce the stress that the plant will endure when transplanting. This is done 10 days before disembarkation. The first day is carried out for 10-15 minutes, then the time is gradually increased. On day 10, leave overnight.

1 m2 3-4 plants are planted.

Care features

An important point when growing tomatoes is pinching and forming a bush. Lead plants in 2-3 stems.

Large-fruited tomato varieties must be tied up. Since the plants do not support the weight of the fruit.

Loosening will provide oxygen to the roots. Retains moisture in the soil. Weeding will help fight the spread of disease and insect pests.

They are fed with organic matter and mineral fertilizers, alternating between them. At least 3 dressings per season:

  • 10 days after transferring to a permanent place.
  • When the tomatoes are blooming.
  • During fruit setting.

You won't have to make much effort, even a beginner can handle it.

Advantages and disadvantages

As the description of the variety shows, tomatoes have many positive qualities.


  • Productivity.
  • Undemanding to the composition of the soil.
  • Stores well.
  • Do not crack.
  • The taste and color of the fruit is unusual.


  • Form is required.

The whole list of positive and negative qualities, the summer resident will reveal after he grows the variety on his site.

Pests and diseases

Tomato Amazon f1 is susceptible to disease and insect attacks. Treatment with drugs or folk remedies is required. Before flowering, they use chemistry, after, folk methods of struggle.

Harvesting and storage

If all the requirements for planting and care are met, an excellent harvest is obtained, tomatoes are removed from the bushes and processed or left for storage for 2-3 weeks.

Gardeners reviews

A young gardener is looking for useful information on the Internet, where the older generation shares their experience and leaves feedback.

Elena: “I am delighted with the Chocolate Amazon variety. The taste is amazing, fruitful appearance with beautiful unusual color fruits. "

A beautiful and delicious tomato Chocolate Amazon will appeal to all lovers of the unusual appearance of tomatoes.

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