Features of growing cucumber "Prestige f1"

Features of growing cucumber "Prestige f1"

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Cucumber "Prestige f1" from the originator of LLC Agrofirm "Sedek" is included in the State Register for the Central Black Earth and West Siberian regions and is recommended for cultivation on ridges of open ground.

Grade description

The high-yielding hybrid form "Prestige-f1" is characterized by parthenocarpy and early ripening. Fruits can be used not only for the preparation of salads, but also for canned products. Bushes are powerful, indeterminate, medium-tall, medium-braided, with a bouquet type of ovary and the period from sowing to harvest in 42-45 days. The female type of flowering prevails.

The fruits have excellent taste characteristics and exclusively marketable appearance. Fully ripened fruits reach 12 cm in length. They have a cylindrical shape and a tuberous surface. The pulp of the fruit is crispy, without the presence of bitterness, covered with a thin and fragrant peel. The average weight of one fruit varies from 70 g to 95 g.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hybrid cucumbers "Prestige-f1" can be grown in open and closed ground due to the following advantages:

  • extended fruiting period;
  • high yields;
  • marketable condition;
  • excellent taste of fruits;
  • long-term storage and transportability;
  • universal use;
  • integrated disease resistance.

The average yield of the hybrid form with proper care can exceed 15-17 kg per square meter.

How to grow cucumbers

Sowing seeds

For sowing, it is necessary to choose the most optimal time. Prestige-f1 cucumbers, like other varieties and hybrids, are very sensitive to low temperatures and for good germination it is necessary that the temperature of the soil be at least 17-18 ° C. In the autumn, the site is dug up, any plant debris is removed. Acidic soil should be liming.

In the spring, in mid-April, it is necessary to dig the site again and level it with a rake. In mid-May, humus, complex mineral fertilizers and wood ash should be added to the site. Then the soil should be disinfected with a warm solution of potassium permanganate and covered with a dark film. The seeds need to be buried no more than 1.5-2 cm.

Sowing seeds is carried out on a warm day, and the ridges should be covered with a film. When shoots appear, thinning should be carried out and the strongest plants should be left with a distance of 20-25 cm.

Seedling method

The use of seedling cultivation method can help accelerate the timing of fruiting cucumbers for a couple of weeks. Cucumbers "Prestige-f1" should be sown on seedlings about a month before planting on the site:

  • you need to dig the seeds into a light and fertile soil, which is filled with pots or cups with a height of 8-9 cm by about 1.5-2 cm;
  • the minimum temperature at night should be maintained at 14-15 ° C, and during the daytime the temperature should not be below 18-20 ° C;
  • in the morning hours you need to irrigate no more than twice a week with well-maintained, warm water;
  • after the appearance of the second leaf on the seedlings of the plant should be fed with a nitroammophos or means "Nursing"
  • seedling hardening is required to begin 10 days before planting plants in open ground or on greenhouse ridges.

Cucumbers love warm and well-lit ridges. Planting scheme 50x30 cm with deepening plants to cotyledon leaves.

We also offer you to learn about the varietal characteristics of cucumbers "Pasadena f1".

Care Rules

The technologies for growing cucumbers in greenhouses and on ridges in open ground are somewhat different. Hybrid of the new generation with intensive fruiting and over-yielding "Prestige-f1" is easy to grow if you follow some basic cultivation rules:

  • over the summer period, 4-5 dressings are carried out, while it is necessary to alternate mineral and organic fertilizers;
  • watering growing cucumbers to the flowering phase should be moderate, spend about 4 liters per square meter every five days;
  • during flowering and fruiting, irrigation is carried out at the rate of 10 liters per square meter every three days;
  • It is recommended to form plants in one main stem and leave all the side shoots.

Non-compliance with the rules for caring for cucumbers, including the belated removal of all old yellowed leaves and the presence of plantations that are too thick, often cause diseases.

Reviews of gardeners

According to gardeners, Prestige-f1 cucumbers are the most suitable and productive hybrid form for greenhouses and hotbeds, but good yields are also observed when plants are cultivated in unprotected soil. Hybrids like summer residents with high productivity, the early onset of fruiting, which is stretched from June to almost mid-autumn.

Successful fruiting was also noted when sowing dry seeds in June on greenhouse ridges. The hybrid is very resistant to many diseases of pumpkin crops, characterized by extreme unpretentiousness and excellent taste. Most gardeners recommend growing this hybrid in greenhouses, forming plants in one stem and leaving several stepsons for a couple of ovaries. The harvest is always very good, but on the ridges in the greenhouse, delicious and crispy cucumbers ripen earlier. With minimal maintenance and even in conditions of irregular harvesting, which is especially important for many gardeners, an excellent result is obtained in the form of gherkins up to 10 cm with excellent taste.

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