Othello F1 Cucumber: Noteworthy Bee-Pollinated Hybrid

Othello F1 Cucumber: Noteworthy Bee-Pollinated Hybrid

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Cucumber "Othello F1" - an early ripe hybrid of Dutch selection, intended for cultivation in glass and film greenhouses and open ground. The value of this hybrid form is early ripeness and very high palatability during salting and preservation.

Grade characteristics

Variety "Othello F1" forms a crop in about a month and a half from the time of sowing and is one of the best hybrids for growing on ridges of open ground. Cucumber very well tolerates transportation. Zelentsy possess an extremely accurate and even cylindrical shape, a finely tuberous surface and pulp genetically without bitterness.

The average length of Zelentsy does not exceed 10 cm. The variety has a high degree of resistance to diseases dangerous to cucumbers such as powdery mildew and downy mildew, cladosporiosis and VOM. The average yield, with proper agricultural technology and favorable weather conditions, exceeds 10 kg / sq.m.

Othello F1 Cucumber: Features of the Variety

Landing rules

To get an abundant crop of Zelentsy, you must correctly select a site for their cultivation, timely prepare the soil and comply with crop rotation rules. The best predecessors for cucumbers are legumes, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, eggplant, pepper.

Cucumbers need warm, rich in humus, not too heavy loamy or loamy soil. It is important that the soil under this vegetable crop be neutral or, in some cases, slightly acidic. Also, the soil should have high aeration rates, so it is recommended to add sawdust or rotted foliage to it.

Othello F1 cucumber seeds are sown in soil warmed up to + 15 ... +18 ° C. The seed placement depth is 1-2 cm. After planting, the crops should be covered with plastic wrap. When cultivated on ridges of unheated greenhouses and in open ground, agronomists recommend sowing seeds and planting grown and well-hardened seedlings no earlier than the last days of May, observing the planting density of 3-4 plants per sq.m.

Care Features

Othello F1 cucumbers are declared by the manufacturer as rather unpretentious. However, to achieve high yields, you must follow the rules of agricultural technology described below.

  • To obtain a high-quality and high yield, it is recommended to regularly water them with fairly warm water. When watering, you need to make sure that water does not fall on the leaves, otherwise burns may form on the aerial part of the plant.
  • It is important to monitor the absence of weed plants on cucumber ridges that can obscure cucumbers or reduce the nutritional area of ​​a vegetable crop.
  • It is necessary to carry out shallow and very careful loosening of soil on ridges to prevent the formation of soil crust.
  • It is recommended to feed cucumber bushes with mineral and organic fertilizers, at least 5 times per season. A good result is the use of mullein or solution with bird droppings, as well as the use of special complex fertilizers designed for growing pumpkin crops or cucumbers.
  • As the growth of cucumber shoots should be tied up the main stem.
  • The collection of ripened greens is carried out at least once every 2-3 days.

Reviews gardeners

Othello F1 cucumber is quite popular among gardeners who respond very positively and often prefer this variety. The description of the cucumber presented by the originator is fully true. Zelentsy hybrid form ripen very quickly, and from seedlings to the first harvest a little more than a month passes. The greens pulp is characterized as juicy, crunchy and delicious. Perhaps this is one of the few varieties in which the taste after salting is better than fresh.

It should be noted that the seed material sold by Plasma Seeds undergoes special processing, so that before sowing it does not need to be further processed or soaked. Besides, seeds of the Aelita agricultural firm possess good germination.

How to plant cucumbers in open ground

Despite the fact that the majority of summer residents and gardeners Othello F1 is characterized as good and worthy of attention, it is dependent on climatic and weather conditions, and in the absence of pollinating insects, its productivity is significantly reduced.