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Pear "Corolla": description of the variety and features of cultivation

Pear "Corolla": description of the variety and features of cultivation

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Pear "Corolla", winter-hardy and unresponsive to disease, with large, very beautiful and tasty fruits, has become popular with domestic gardeners relatively recently. A winter variety of Swedish selection was obtained by breeders as a result of crossing the Yohantrop variety with the Dekankadu Komiss variety.

Description and characteristic

Pear "Corolla" forms vigorous trees, adapted to seasonal changes in weather conditions in the cultivation region. Fruits have an external appeal.

The average mass of marketable fruit is at least 180-280 g. The base color of the fruit is yellow, with a pronounced orange or bronze tan. On the sunny side, a brown-red blush is often observed.

Description of the variety involves a very pleasant, dessert taste of ripe fruit. The flesh is creamy, sour-sweet, fine-grained, very juicy and aromatic. Based on the results of the tasting, the variety received a score of 4.8 points.

Indicators of transportability and demand by consumers of pear fruit of this variety are high. The best pollinators are the varieties of the parental line, as well as the Conference and Triumph Pakgamma pear varieties.

How to grow a pear in the middle lane

Landing technology

In the pit for planting fruit trees, including a pear of the Corolla variety, you cannot add a large amount of manure, which will protect the plant's root system from burns. For cultivation of pears, a good option is to use a site with loose, nutritious and sufficiently moist soil.

It is recommended to plant pear seedlings in the spring, when there is no longer a significant drop in temperature. For spring planting, the landing pit should be prepared in advance. It is best to cook pits in the fall. It is recommended to pour a small amount of peat into the pit for planting seedlings.

Pear care consists of watering, fertilizing, as well as combating major diseases and pests. Of great importance is the formation of the crown, which should begin at a young age of the plant.

Features of crown formation

A pear of foreign selection of the Corolla variety needs competent and timely crown formation. Such an event allows you to create a strong and most stable skeleton that can withstand a significant load of fruits. The crown of the pear can be formed not only by trimming, but also by competent bending of the branches.

Three main types of pruning of fruit trees should be distinguished. Throughout the entire cultivation period, the gardener must carry out shaping, supporting and rejuvenating pruning. Crown formation is used in the early years of fruit tree growth and is used to create the basis of the crown and stimulate plant growth processes.

To form a plant on a vigorous type of stock, it is recommended to prune according to the pattern of freely growing palmettes in the presence of two tiers of shoots. The crown consists of a central conductor and four skeletal branches located in a two-tier plane consisting of four branches. When forming the second tier, it is allowed to use a single arrangement of branches.

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Reviews of summer residents

The Corolla pear is described by specialists and gardeners as having high frost resistance, as well as resistance to diseases of bark and wood, which makes cultivation possible in most regions of our country.

The variety has earned high praise and positive reviews due to its low susceptibility to scab and monial burn. Harvest fully ripens closer to winter, and the harvested fruits are able to maintain marketable appearance and taste for at least two months.

The variety is responsive to high agricultural technology. When thinning and normalizing the load by the crop, fruiting is regular. When purchasing seedlings of this variety, it should be remembered that early maturity is observed only when using quince stock.

How to plant a pear

In the implementation of crown formation, it is necessary to give preference to schemes that are able to increase the density of fruit stands, restore fruit-forming branches and maintain their optimal age ratio throughout the entire productive period of plant life.